Right Now. That is the dramatic slogan today revealed within Worthing seafront’s striking new art installation.

After a week of working through pouring rain, raging wind and scorching sun, artists have finally finished the Grafton car park installation, thought to be the UK’s largest ever outdoor artwork.

And the message is clear Worthing is Right Now. The slogan is an anagram of the town name and the team behind the scheme wanted to send out a message that Worthing is moving forward.

Backed by Worthing Borough Council the ambitious project is the brainchild of local firm ECE Architecture and award-winning agency Creative Forager, who were behind two previous groundbreaking works of art on Worthing beach.

In 2015 Mirrored Beach Hut and Doorways last year earned rave reviews.

Right Now has been earning similar plaudits from passers-by and posters on social media. The lettering is not immediately apparent but can be glimpsed through the brightly colour picture postcard colours used to reflect traditional seaside items such as deckchairs, sticks of rock and buckets and spades.

Worthing Borough Council’s executive member for regeneration, Cllr Kevin Jenkins said: “I loved the idea and I’m impressed with the finished art.

“We wanted to show that this town is moving forward. We have our problems like every seaside town but if you look closely there is an incredible amount of progress and huge ambition.

“I agree with the message. Our time is now.”

ECE Architecture’s managing director Stuart Eatock said: “We have been working on ideas to engage people with architecture and creativity for three years. Right Now is about re-imagining a car park as a canvas, creating a new landmark for Worthing.

“We want to thank the council for their amazing support, from the most senior levels backing the concept to the enthusiasm and support of the site team during installation.

“This is a site that the council would like to regenerate. In the meantime, let’s celebrate it and use it creatively. We hope this is just the start for Grafton.”

Mark Sephton, of Creative Forager said: “The image is inspired by the bright and bold colours and shapes of the sea front but on closer inspection spells out a positive phrase that the town can own. We’re really Proud to have created a supergraphic new landmark for Worthing.”

Artist Rick Also, who used 600 cans of spray paint in the work, added: “It was a really interesting challenge to create a piece of art at such a large scale, not only of how to cover such a big area and creating a design that worked around the window areas, but also to come up with a design that had impact from a distance and had a connection to the area.”

Right Now cost £14,000, jointly funded by the borough council and ECE, and is currently planned to be in situ until the end of September.

Grafton car park is listed for development by Worthing Borough Council with a mixture of homes, restaurants and retail and public space improvements favoured.