Worthing Museum & Art Gallery adds interactive digital displays to archaeology c…


Worthing Museum & Art Gallery adds interactive digital displays to archaeology collection

New interactive digital displays have been added to #Worthing Museum’s archaeology section, as four new state-of-the-art tablets have been installed as part of the permanent collection.

The displays will add a digital element to the exhibitions, allowing visitors to enjoy a variety of features including a map database that can reveal local archaeological sites and discoveries across Sussex. They will also be used to showcase Worthing Museum’s large collection of historical items, including the pieces that aren’t on display, with detailed information and photographs cataloguing the items.

There will also be an archive of aerial footage of the South Downs to highlight treasured beauty spots across the county, and a quiz for adults and children to test their knowledge. Two of the tablets also link up to television screens as part of the display designed for group visitors and children’s educational trips to the museum.

The project has been financially supported by Arts Fund, who provides funding for acquisitions to help redevelop and update museums, including archaeological displays.

James Sainsbury, Archaeologist & Operations, Worthing Museum & Art Gallery, says:

“We’re really excited to be bringing our archaeology collection into the 21st century, it has been an idea I have had since I first started and it is amazing to see them in action. The aerial footage of the South Downs is fantastic because most of our group walks sell out fast. It means people who haven’t had the opportunity to visit the South Downs before, can enjoy seeing rare footage of these beautiful locations.

We hope our extensive and interactive database will help people feel more connected to the past by finding local discoveries near where they live, learn more about their own ancestry and perhaps it may even inspire people to go out and start their own investigations on these historical landmarks.”

For more information visit worthingmuseum.co.uk or call the museum on 01903 221 448.