Work may have only just wrapped up on the revamp of Worthing’s Brooklands Park L…


Work may have only just wrapped up on the revamp of Worthing’s Brooklands Park Lake – but already the wildlife are moving in and making themselves at home.

Worthing Borough Council’s contractors Five Rivers completed the dredging of the much-loved landmark in Brighton Road earlier this month.

While some planting and other works still need to be completed, visitors can already see a complete transformation of the area – with 15,000 cubic metres of silt being moved and new margins created round the edge of the lake, which has helped create fast flowing, clear water.

Birds and other wildlife are already making themselves at home – with one mother swan nursing a number of baby cygnets in the new surroundings.

Teams from Five Rivers are due to return to the lake next month to construct a boardwalk at the northern end of the site.

While the majority of planting has already taken place, trees and other shrubs will be planted in Autumn. The fencing will be left in place until September to allow the lake and planting to establish itself.

Councillor Edward Crouch, Worthing Borough Council’s Executive Member for Digital & Environmental Services, who visited the park this week, said: “Despite one of the wettest winters in living memory, I am extremely impressed with the quality and speed of the work to transform Brooklands.

“It’s great to see the islands teeming with wildlife and people already starting to enjoy what is a really special and unique attraction.”

It will take up to two years for the lake to become fully established. Five Rivers will be visiting the site regularly to make sure everything is going to plan.