Welcome back to the blog Tammy Waine! Over to you… Last week saw me attend Ha…


Welcome back to the blog Tammy Waine! Over to you…

Last week saw me attend Hawthorns Primary School to deliver the first Happy Hearts lesson to their new reception class! It also saw Adur & Worthing Councils communications team attend to take some video footage of the programme to use over the next few weeks via social media. It was just a shame I was nursing a fractured foot that I recently sustained during a football match so I couldn’t be as energetic as I usually am.

It’s so lovely to see these tiny little people still adjusting to school life enjoying my lesson! This weeks lesson was about their bodies. We learnt about some key body parts; where the are in the body, what they look like, what job they do in the body and then we turned all of that into a fun relay game! I think it is safe to say we all had a lot of fun!

This weeks lesson will see us learn about the heart in more detail. We will even listen to our hearts with doctors stethoscopes so that we can understand that running around makes our heart beat hard and fast and that is a good thing! Remember, we can not buy a new heart from a supermarket, so we need to look after it!

I have been delivering the happy Hearts programme to children at Hawthorns School for 3 years now and every programme has been brilliant. It’s such a lovely school with really caring teachers. Fingers crossed the next 5 weeks go the same way!!!

Daniel Fairman, from the Communications Team, said:

“The lesson at Hawthorns was great fun to attend! All the children were so engaged with the lesson and were delighted to hear that they have more to come from the scheme!”

For more info about Happy Hearts, Visit: https://www.adur-worthing.gov.uk/get-up-and-active/activities-and-events/hearty-lives/