Unfortunately, the nice weather often brings with it a tidal wave of litter left…


Unfortunately, the nice weather often brings with it a tidal wave of litter left on our seafront.

You’ll be happy to hear though that there are plenty of actions you can take to help look after the environment of our award winning seafront, as Foreshore Inspector Rob Dove explains in his latest blog… ☀️🌊🚮

The nightmare that is fly tipping and litter dropping is such a lazy and detrimental practice. Let me reassure you, here at the Beach office it frustrates us just as much as you guys, if not more as it adds workload to our already busy day and reduces our time in delivering you our foreshore and safety element on land and sea.

Littering is by far the biggest factor when it comes to waste on our beaches and open spaces. After a hot weekend with conditions perfect, I cringe at how much rubbish will be laying at locations such as Goring Greensward or our high amenity beach areas. Many food wrappers, cans, alchohol bottles and disposable barbecues are left in neat circles where groups once gathered then up and left unaware of their moral duties. I would like to say it is only a minority, but this seems far from fact and not only one age group.

Our cleansing and waste team from Adur & Worthing council work tirelessly to keep up with the demand on the many metal black bins located along the Prom and fringes of the Greensward, ensuring there is room for you to dispose. Ultimately though if the nearest bin is full, please take you rubbish home to dispose of, do not leave rubbish loose or stacked up next to the bin as this is ultimately fly-tipping and overnight the problem becomes a lot worse by foxes, Corvids (crows, ravens, rooks, jackdaws, jays, magpies, etc) and seagulls ripping the bags open to carry on the feast!

The sad fact is that when rubbish is left loose on these locations, a percentage does enter our water through tide and wind; adding to the plastic pollution that is so rife worldwide.

If you witness groups or individuals leaving litter, please call the Beach office of flag down a patrol and we will intercept, advise and issue a fixed penalty notice if necessary. Sometimes it just takes a little explaining and informing and then the penny drops!

Recent stints of fly tipping have tragically been finding their way into our local fisherman’s boats, only to be found at 4am in the morning when they need to launch and bring in their nets with the days freshest catch that’s being waited upon by many a Worthing restaurant; causing delay and loss of profit.

If you suspect fly tipping in our fisherman’s boats or locker sites, please send photos to the Beach office where we can along with the Police prosecute and nip this worrying trend in the bud.

This may all sound rather negative but its worth addressing as not just the Beach office team but a huge amount of council resource is dedicated to creating and ensuring a cleaner environment for everyone and every mammal, insect, crustacean and vertebrate to thrive and prosper within.

On a much brighter note, the ranks of our voluntary community and workplace beach litter picking groups are swelling by the week! A big thank you to Bohunt school in Broadwater where 60 pupils and teachers came down to litter pick our beaches from the Lido to Splashpoint in what was a massive success.
Anyone at any time can come to us and loan a litter picker and bags to help us in our Summer offensive against detritus.

If you are a school or local business and feel you could help in the same way Bohunt school and other bodies have done, please contact me or one of my colleges at the Beach office and we will book you in the diary and ensure all have gloves, bags, pickers and are accommodated accordingly.
I will happily mention you in my blogs in a list of thank you and add pictures where I can. All you need to bring is suncream, suitable footwear and a sense of humour 🙂

Give me a call!