To hear this week’s weather being described as “the perfect combination of ideal…


To hear this week’s weather being described as “the perfect combination of ideal tides and hot sunshine”, you need to look no further than Worthing Beach Office. 🌊☀️😎

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Another week of man and beast enjoying this seemingly endless warmth in our green and pleasant land, or should I say brown and crispy land…

With the first week of the kids summer holidays upon us, myself and the team really are having to fire on all cylinders to make sure we have all grounds covered in our 10.5 miles to overwatch and deliver our water safety and foreshore service.

All of our safety vessels have been proactively patrolling across our waters this week, looking for by-law breaches and keeping water users safe.

Our new safety kayak is actively busy between Splashpoint and the Lido, feeding back reconnaissance and assisting where necessary in the relative shallows.

The feedback from beach users towards this newly introduced element has been very humbling. With one parent suggesting she would only let her kids use their foam bodyboards if she saw the safety kayak in the area; for us as a service this is mission accomplished.

With another hot week ahead, I have to address the use of inflatables, sorry to be a killjoy folks but we generally discourage them …

In their weird and wonderful shapes/characters (flamingos and unicorns) I see the obvious fun, but the trouble is the tide and the wind.

An offshore wind can be detrimental to both adults and children if afloat during these windy conditions. A regular tasking for us is to recover inflatables that have been swept away with their human cargo aboard.

If you do decide to use an inflatable of an kind, ensure the wind is ‘onshore’ and either stay in the shallows or tie rope from the inflatable to a person ashore or nearby groyne.

Be sure to look at the Beach office flag poles when you pass, if you see an orange windsock flying, that denotes an offshore wind.

It’s great to have our beach section between the Pier and Lido so busy with all ages enjoying themselves under our immediate watchful eye.

Please bear in mind that our team does need to operate and launch safety craft regularly using this part of the beach. We will always have your interests at heart, but please comply swiftly if asked to make way for a boat launch or recovery.

On this note, if you are nervous about entering the water or want a greater ‘eyes on’ from the Beach office team, please bathe in between the Lido and the Pier, no where could be safer on Worthing’s beaches, with a regular lookout on tripod binoculars scanning the area from base.

Also, be sure to grab a free deckchair from the Beach office for use solely between the lido and Pier, we only ask that their back to us by 5:00pm daily.

Keep hydrated folks …