Through his blog, our Dog Warden Russ has shared how he rescues abandoned pups, …

Through his blog, our Dog Warden Russ has shared how he rescues abandoned pups, helps re-home stray dogs and last week opened up about losing his beloved Greyhound Toff to cancer,

This week Russ gives us a glimpse into a blogger team meet up and what happens when our bloggers come together….

Read his full blog below….

Firstly thank you for all the kind messages I received last week, they were very much appreciated and a great comfort to my partner and myself.

After three serious blogs in a row, fireworks, remembrance and the final goodbye with our companions, I was keen to report on something lighter this week and as luck would have it, this story was provided by the Councils' communications news team, the very people responsible for bringing the Councils' Facebook page and the bloggers to you.

Some time ago, they invited all of the bloggers to a working lunch so that we could get to meet each other, talk about any problems we might be having in relation to writing our blogs, plan future pieces and talk about future projects.

It's also a good networking opportunity too. Believe it or not, we bloggers don't all know each other, partly because the organisation has a few hundred staff and also because we work at different locations, including Worthing Town Hall, Portland House, Commerce Way, Highdown Gardens, Worthing Crematorium and the beach office.

Getting people together in the same place at the same time is always difficult when there's urgent matters to attend to. That was clear when after arriving at the Town Hall, three of the seven bloggers had last minute work commitments that couldn't be changed and therefore wouldn't be in attendance.

This was a shame as I'd not met one of them and I was also looking forward to seeing my ex-line manager who is now working at Highdown Gardens.

There was a slight hiccup when the vegan food I ordered didn't turn up, leaving me with just a bit of fruit to nibble on while others tucked into various sandwiches.

Worse was to follow when it was announced that there would be a short quiz to see if we read each other's blogs and to test our knowledge on other matters blog related!

Well I don't know about you but I can't remember my own name when I'm hungry so I certainly wouldn't be any good in a quiz. But just in the nick of time, courtesy of the event organiser, a man walked in bearing gifts in the shape of two Vegan wraps to accompany my apple, banana and grapes!!

Suitably refreshed, I somehow went on to win the quiz with a total of 10 points, beating my friend and quiz rival Tammy by a clear point!!

It was great to catch up with my colleagues from the news team and my fellow bloggers, and I learned quite a lot, including:

Only one of the original bloggers is still blogging
Only one service area in the whole of the council hasn't yet provided a blogger (I won't say which department!!)
Our council is one of only a handful that allows their staff to interact with the public in this manner and talk openly about the work we do
As a result of this, my fellow bloggers have the full support of their managers because it shows the public the work we do and the challenges we face.

I hope you find it useful and I look forward to continuing to share some of the work I do with you on a weekly basis.

So until next week take care, I've got to go and polish my winning 'trophy' now!!