The Foreshore is in combat mode; fighting plastics and recruiting the best of th…


The Foreshore is in combat mode; fighting plastics and recruiting the best of the best to keep you safe on your visits to our beaches. Read on for the full brief of how Rob and the rest of the foreshore team are getting ready for the high season….

Three heavy plant machines graced our beach earlier this week. These jumbo ‘Tonka’ toys made easy work of eating into and lowering our beach to expose our wooden launch ramp.

Tonnes of stones/sand was taken away, tipped and graded onto other sections of our local beach and we were one step closer to providing and mobilizing our water safety services for 2018.

This event really is a milestone in our calendar and brings our imminent, busy high season ever closer.

Our safety boats will be pushed out and given some mild sunlight on top of the launch ramp over the coming days and then looked over with a fine tooth comb by the Foreshore Inspectors.

We will be checking that all the essential on-board kit and rescue equipment is where it should be and ensuring vessel serviceability, before all craft are inspected further by the MCA (Maritime & Coastguard agency).

We are well underway recruiting our seasonal staff for the oncoming busy periods. As a team we will be working hard to recruit the best applicants that have applied knowing the job can throw all sorts of situations their way; we need the most confident and robust staff.

A full ongoing in-house training package has been created by us to make this year’s seasonal staff the most pro-active, efficient and confident to date in dealing with bye-law enforcement, water safety and land response. We will be actively teaching them regular refreshers in boat handling skills, first aid, VHF radio procedure, people skills and navigational markers… just to mention a few!

Drawing on our previous competencies, we have also added a mix of bonus diverse lessons to teach our seasonal staff extra skills. One such lesson being ‘Ground sign’ – a skill I was well drilled in during my Regiment days – that will help our staff locate objects, look for ground disturbance and help in their awareness of the natural environment.

A big push will be made to combat plastics on our coastline, under the pier especially as well as working alongside the councils cleansing teams as and when we can sacrifice the seasonal manpower.

Don’t forget that the system to ‘sign out’ a litter-picker and bags is now available here at the Beach office. We have a sign on the Prom advertising the fact. Please come down with friends or family and help us slow the pace of plastics washing up on our local beaches!


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