The cake has been baked and the party poppers are at the ready… It’s a big…


The cake has been baked and the party poppers are at the ready… 🍰 🎉

It’s a big day for our comms apprentice Dan who celebrates one year with the Councils today.

In this week’s blog he reflects on the progress he’s made in that time…

– – – – – –

I’m sure you’ll all be glad to hear that it’s been another busy week for us storytellers in the communications team. That’s not necessarily a bad thing though as not only does it make the days fly by, but it must also mean that were doing something right as a department.

We’ve been working relentlessly on exciting projects that we can’t wait to reveal, but I’m afraid you’ll all have to wait to see what we have planned.

More importantly though, this week marks my first anniversary with the Councils!

I could be cliche and say that I just can’t believe how quickly that’s passed, but honestly it doesn’t come across as much of a surprise.

Thinking back to my first day, I was a kid who somehow got the job after wearing shorts to his interview … yes, that happened. Now I’m a young professional whose developed an understanding of how the comms field operates, and have a skill that I could potentially use for the rest of my working life.

My progress became apparent when I stumbled across some of my ‘old but gold’ pieces of work a few days ago.

Below is the first video I made at Brooklands Park, which focuses on the works being done by contractors Five Rivers. Lighting, editing, composition and sound are all awful; a true beginners production.

My boss Mike must have been thinking “how are we going to publish this garbage?”; but the video actually did quite well, receiving just under five thousand views, racking up 40 likes, and no negative comments in sight. Perhaps I’m just my own worst critic.

Compare this to my latest Brooklands video, focusing on the new boardwalk being installed at the park, and I hope you can see a clear improvement in my work.

So how will I be celebrating my day?

Cake. And a lot of it.

Not only have I learned at great deal in my first 12 months here, but more importantly I’ve had a brilliant time doing so.

Everyday in this office is full of laughter (and learning), and I’m excited to see what the next half a year of this apprenticeship has in stall for me.