Switching the screens for a good old read… Children across Adur and Worthing…

Switching the screens for a good old read… 😄

Children across Adur and Worthing immersed themselves in some storytelling this week through the #LookForABook scheme, where they could hide books, swap out their old ones and get involved with some family fun this half term!

Hear more about the events in Tammy's latest blog below… ⬇️

Over the past few days I have been busy running two half term events as part of the Beat the Street project.

I've mentioned before that Beat the Street connected people together, not only members of the community, but it also allowed me to connect with community groups, schools and members of the public.

A result of these connections led me to meet a lady called Sam, who initiated Look For A Book Sussex. This scheme encourages children to go into their local community and 'hide' books they no longer read / want for someone else to find and enjoy. They may also be lucky enough to find one themselves!

I met with Sam and we decided to pool resources and run some half term sessions! So on Tuesday we hid lots of books in Longcroft Park, invited TCV Growing Communities to run some park activities, Activ8 For Kids to run some fruit tasting and activities, as well as two local authors coming along to read extracts of their books.

Attending were SC Cunningham, who has written the Ginormous Jo series, and Carol Thomas who has written Finding a friend.

On Wednesday we were at Southwick Recreation Ground with the only difference being we had local author Jo Baxter, who wrote 'Viola Pumpernickel and the Emerald Lady'. Both events were also attended by the Worthing Youth Mayor complete with their sparkling chain!

All three authors were brilliant and the children loved being read too! Thank you to all three authors for giving up their time to inspire the local community! I also need to say a big thank you to Impulse Leisure – Adur and South Downs Leisure for donating activity vouchers which we gave away in some books and as prizes.

The sessions went really well and it was lovely to see so many children excitedly running around trying to find a book. Getting children excited to read can only be a good thing!

Fresh air, physical activity, finding a present and reading it … amazing!