Storm Brian makes a splash on Worthing Seafront As you made your way into yeste…


Storm Brian makes a splash on Worthing Seafront

As you made your way into yesterday morning, you may have noticed something unusual along the promenade.

Strong, Southwesterly winds of 56.5 miles per hour and high seas, caused crashing waves to pull tons of shingle onto the promenade at Splash Point. The tide also brought in an assorted jumble of flotsam and jetsam including lots of timber and even the odd yoga mat.

The Beach Office are aware of the problem and the cleansing team have worked their way along the shoreline with brushes and shovels, re positioning the shingle to its rightful place on the beach.They have asked that walkers and cyclists remain vigilant when travelling along Navarino Road through to Splash Point in Worthing and the coastal paths in general.

The Southwesterly winds may have caused a lot of work for the cleansing team, but they were good news for 2016 Vice World Kiteboarding Champion Lewis Crathern, who set a new Worthing record of 22.0 meters over the weekend.

He said: “Worthing was going off on Saturday it was really incredible to be out there. The waves were massive which provided the perfect launch ramps to have a go at the British Record. I was so close to getting it…

“In Worthing we are blessed with many advantages over other beaches. For example the beach faces a perfect direction for the strong Westerly wind. High tide is the most special time to kitesurf which is unusual on the south coast.”

The direction of the wind was not only a blessing for kiteboarders. Our local trees are used to taking a battering from Southwesterly winds and Head of Environment Andy Edwards is pleased to report that storm Brian didn’t claim a single tree over the weekend.

If any areas are particularly affected, members of the public are advised to report them to the beach office on (01903) 238977.