Severe cuts to public safety organisations in Adur and Worthing will have a prof…


Severe cuts to public safety organisations in Adur and Worthing will have a profound effect on the fight against crime in the district and borough.

That is the tough message sent to Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne after she proposed slashing the funding to the body promoting vital crime prevention work by more than half.

Now the Adur Safer Communities Partnership and its Worthing sister organisation (CSPs) have sent a stinging response to the Commissioner telling her she has left the organisations demoralised and damning the reasoning behind the report which recommended the cuts as “invalid, inaccurate and misleading.”

Executive Member for Health and Wellbeing at Adur District Council, Cllr Dave Simmons, who Chairs the joint body of both partnerships said he was “flabbergasted” by the shock cut. He said:

“Frankly having now had a chance to look in detail at the proposals all I can say is that they are a huge disappointment for the teams in Adur and Worthing who are leading the way and producing some really innovative work in crime prevention and making our communities safer.”

“The cuts are based on so much flawed thinking and a lack of rigour in analysis that they must be reviewed.”

His counterpart on Worthing Borough Council, Cllr Val Turner, who also sits on the partnership joint body added:

“It really looks like we are being punished for our success. We reached out across Sussex to spread our good work, brought in extra funds for pioneering projects and it seems as if that has counted against us.”

“I fear these cuts will have a profound effect on our ability to take an early intervention approach to crime and disorder.”

In addition to the huge initial cut in funding, the pair pointed out that the Commissioner was “top slicing” the remaining funding by keeping a fifth of all monies, previously handed to all county CSPs, in her office coffers for county-wide schemes thus depriving funding for local solutions for differing crime priorities in different communities.

The Commissioner is proposing Adur and Worthing’s combined funding from her office is cut from £95,000 to below £43,000, a 55 per cent drop. Jobs and crime fighting projects could be in jeopardy including three Community Safety roles.

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