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It’s National #VolunteersWeek and we’re shining a spotlight on some of our amazing staff who spend time volunteering year-round within the local community. ⭐️

Here’s our Community Referrer James Hardy who started volunteering with the Time to Talk Befriending / TTTB charity in 2017 and spends a couple of hours each month keeping ex-Royal Navy and former clergyman Douglas company. We asked James what they talk about during their meet-ups. Here’s what he said 👇

“We talk quite a bit about history and politics and put the world to rights! It’s interesting to talk to someone about historical events that they have actually lived through.

On the other hand, Douglas is baffled by modern technology, but also has a wonderment about it, so I can explains things. There are things we don’t agree on and lots of things that we do. I meet a lot of isolated older people in my day job and I just want to be part of the solution.”

Do you want to get involved in volunteering too? Community Works list some great opportunities on their website. Take a look!

Search for an opportunity – Community Works

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