Say hello to our new blogger Amy, whose part of the wonderful HR team at the cou…


Say hello to our new blogger Amy, whose part of the wonderful HR team at the councils! 👋

Amy’s chosen to dedicate her first blog to her baby boy Jenson, as she shares how she’s found returning to work as a first time mum…

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Hello! My name is Amy, I work in the HR team at Adur & Worthing Councils and I am the mum of a beautiful seven month old baby boy called Jenson. I had a great time off work to look after my son – it’s a bit of a shock to be back in the office and to have to engage my brain when I’m still being woken up throughout the night by him!

I only took six months off work and then I passed the parenting baton to my husband who is currently doing six months of shared parental leave to look after Jenson.

Shared parental leave is a fairly new scheme which allows parents to split the maternity leave as they wish – Gregg and I chose to split the leave 50:50 with each of us taking six months off to care for our son.

It was really important to us as a family that we both had time off with our child and I was really pleased that my manager supported me to take a shorter period off work even though it caused some issues finding short-term cover for my role.

My time off passed in a flash and I can’t believe that I’m now back in the office. During the three weeks that I’ve been back, I’ve been working on updating the Councils’ HR policies. The one I’m currently focusing on is the ‘family friendly’ policy, which covers an employees entitlement to maternity, shared parental, adoption leave and arrangements if someone needs to take time off to care for a dependant (a child, parent or someone who depends on the person for care).

Since I’ve been back at work, I’ve been showing a lot of people photos of my gorgeous son and talking about their children if they have any. It’s made me realise just how many people in the Councils have caring responsibilities – whether it’s children or elderly parents – so I’m aware that this policy will impact a lot of people.

I think that this policy is one of the key selling points of working for the Councils. Many people choose to work for us because of the family friendly benefits we provide – flexibility to work different hours where possible, support to take time off at short notice if a child or dependant is sick, generous maternity leave pay.

It’s an important policy for the organisation to attract people to work for us and to support our current employees to have a good work-life balance.

As a new mum, I’m aware that I’ll be using this policy in the future – to have time off at short notice if my son suddenly comes down with a bug and to know my leave entitlement if we decide to have another baby in the future (definitely not anytime soon – one baby is enough for the moment!). I’m pleased that we have good provision for people with caring responsibilities.

So that’s a little insight into what I’ve been doing in my first few weeks back at work. Even though I miss my son during the day, it’s nice to be getting back into the world of work!