Russ to the rescue… Our dog warden and animal lover Russ Akehurst is back wit…


Russ to the rescue…

Our dog warden and animal lover Russ Akehurst is back with another blog for you to enjoy this sunny afternoon. This week’s is a little bit different though, as he hasn’t just been looking after dogs, but a fox cup too!

Read Russ’s blog below:

Hello again after what has been another busy week, resulting in calls to five stray dogs and one fox cub.

Last Monday evening a lovely little Staffie was found wandering in the Salvington area. The finder kindly took her to a local vets. The dog wasn’t wearing a name tag and her microchip details were out of date. So when she hadn’t been claimed by the following morning it appeared that she had been dumped as I would suggest that, even if a dog owner didn’t know that they can contact the council out of hours or check with the local 24 hour to see if their dog’s been handed in, they would be on the phone to us first thing in the morning.

However it was the following day, some 40 hours after she was found, that I received a very unexpected call from her owner, explaining she had been on holiday, leaving her dog with a friend who for some unknown reason didn’t report the dog lost to anyone and only told the owner of the disappearance on her return. The lady was so relieved her dog was safe, but what if she had been on holiday for longer? The charges would have been higher but much worse the dog could have been re-homed after seven days if not claimed and all because the microchip details weren’t up to date.

Friday’s stray dog owner was also on holiday. But because the microchip details were correct I was able to contact her straight away and immediately return her dog to the family that her looking after her!!

Saturday was my turn to be on call but the gods conspired against me to ensure I didn’t get to watch a certain televised wedding …

First a call to a Staffie cross in Findon Valley which was claimed the following day, followed by a call to Dogs Trust Shoreham where a Staffie found wandering in Goring had been handed in. No sooner had I left the centre and got the dog to our kennels then the owner phoned to claim him so back to Goring to reunite one happy dog with his owner.

Lastly yesterday (Monday 21st) yet another Staffie cross decided to go walkabout. But thanks to her microchip she was home again in no time.

Of these five dogs, two had jumped out of open windows in the house, one escaped through a cat flap, one was in the front garden one minute and gone the next and one details of escape unknown.

Oh yes, the fox cub, well that was the highlight of the week! Councillor Clive Roberts, who sits on Worthing Borough Council, contacted me early Thursday morning to report that a fox cub had fallen into the basement garden of a property in Liverpool Terrace and had no way out. I then contacted the one and only Billy Elliot, of animal rescue charity Wadars, who despite being on his day off agreed to help. So with my van, ladders and pole and his Spiderman athleticism the cub was back at ground level in no time and ran off without so much as a backward glance at his rescuers.

So all in all a successful week – five dogs back with their owners and one fox rescued, hopefully back with his mum.

Until next time …