Our maintenance man, Chris Strevett, is off on holiday, but before he goes he ta…


Our maintenance man, Chris Strevett, is off on holiday, but before he goes he talks about recent repairs to problem hotspots in Worthing…

Hi everyone,

Once again that time has come for me to take my holiday with the family.

Myself and my wife work hard throughout the year with the aim of supplying our kids with one good holiday every year.
Are we off to the Caribbean, you ask? No, we are going camping for two weeks in Kent. As non-exotic as you can get, it will still be fun spending quality time with the family before the little ones go back to school.

Talking of holidays, Worthing is a popular destination for many people; however not everyone is a responsible tourist.

The Greensward area of Worthing is a hot spot for problems related to visitors, particularly from people who do not have permission to be there. We carry out regular inspections of the timber bollards which protect the land which stretches from the main road onto the coastal path. Usually we find ourselves replacing 20 or so which have suffered from either the weather or vandalism, and some have even left disposable BBQs on them which have burnt the bollards.

Our inspections are basic but very thorough; they tend to involve a very large sledgehammer and someone capable of swinging it 400 times in a day (not me I hasten to add). This year we found a staggering number of bollards which did not provide the security we require and we are in the process of replacing 80.

Another area we find being used regularly is our surface car parks. The engineers have just installed a double set of height barriers to Southwick Leisure Centre to prevent unwanted visitors. This access road posed a risk not only to the Leisure Centre but it was also possible to drive through the car park and gain access to Southwick Rec which is a much larger area. The steel construction and high security locks means the site and park should be safe for quite some time now

Another area where we have restricted access is onto the prom area in Worthing. This area was used regularly by concession holders and staff to park on but some members of the public would drive in when possible and try to get some free parking although they soon came unstuck once the gates or barriers were raised, and they had to ask to be let out later in the day.

The decision was taken to make our prom a family friendly area and parking is now restricted to a few hours a day to allow for deliveries. With this being the case we found that the flat apron area in front of the Pavilion Theatre was being used instead and the engineers have now installed nice looking bollards around this area making it secure but still able to provide access to the emergency services when needed as they have a special key.

That’s it for this blog and I will be back in a couple of weeks’ time, hopefully with more news on the works we are doing. Whatever the last couple of weeks of school holidays bring I hope it is fun.