Our maintenance man Chris Strevett has been exploring his creative side this wee…


Our maintenance man Chris Strevett has been exploring his creative side this week, as public buildings across Adur and Worthing begin to be treated to a fresh lick of paint for the upcoming summer.

Listen to Chris explore his hidden Michelangelo in his latest blog below…

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Before I start I have to clarify that I know nothing about art.

This is not borne out of a lack of interest – far from it! I have visited many museum and art galleries in the UK and Europe hoping that my creative side which I was sure was there would appear.

Alas no.

I have tried but, to date, find it hard to see the meaning behind many of the old masters works and even some of the more modernistic art forms.

But what I can do is appreciate paint and colour – even if my job as a surveyor means it happens to be attached to doors, windows and various timber, metal or masonry objects, although sometimes creative art and our decorators can merge.

In Adur and Worthing the summer months mean it is the time to open the paint cans and get the paint brushes ready.

This poses many problems as most things we want to paint are in mass use when the sun is out. Not wanting to prevent anyone’s enjoyment programming is vital.

We have just started painting the chalets which are located on Worthing parade to the west of splashpoint leisure centre. Some of these chalets are used by private individuals, but some are used as artist’s chalets, such as East Beach Studios, where the talented artists paint and display their works. These chalets are quite distinctive as they are painted externally in many different colours. If you feel creative pop down and have a look.

Whilst at the studios you may notice that Denton Shelter which is next door is having a major facelift. The shelter had become in quite a bad state of repair due to decay and vandalism, however through lots of hard work the shelter is nearly back to its former glory. Well worth a look.

Another project we have just completed is renewing some of the damaged or broken glazing to the timber centre screen of the pier. These new panels will be covered in opaque tints of various colours and the effect is amazing. When the sun beams through it illuminates the pier decking in the tint colour and makes it look like a rainbow. This project is the brainchild of the Creative Waves Project.

Although not as multi coloured as the two projects above we have also been making the parade in Worthing a much neater place to visit by decorating some of the seating from the Chalets to the Beach Office carefully painting the timber slats and cast iron legs.

Works are due to start soon on the redecoration of the beach huts which adorn the seafront with some being made of timber, some of plastic and some of a pre-finished fibreboard. With over 120 to paint you can imagine this will keep some decorators very busy. A decision was made a couple of years ago to paint the facias in various bright colours and this again adds to the bright and colourful theme currently spreading throughout the town.

I am not going to stretch my imagination that Michelangelo would be impressed by these, but I am hopeful that he would appreciate the time and care given by our decorators in making everything they paint look as nice as possible.

More next week. Enjoy the sun.