Our Communications Apprentice Dan has been discovering his inner Ray Mears this …


Our Communications Apprentice Dan has been discovering his inner Ray Mears this week, after spending a fun, and very wet, morning with our partners over at TCV Growing Communities.

Read the full story in Dan’s blog below…

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Before I started my apprenticeship with the councils I always saw Communications as quite a glamorous job, and to an extent this isn’t too far from the truth.

It seems like yesterday that I was looking up to presenters on CBBC’s Newsround in between episodes of Tracy Beaker … and now I’m being presented opportunities to travel across the south east and hang out with powerful political leaders and influential business owners of the Greater Brighton Region. It’s funny how things change!

I’m very lucky in the sense that I am given so much freedom in my job to go out there and gather content for these council-related stories, as not only is this the best way for me to improve at the job, but it also makes the days go much faster as well.

Last Friday I was tasked with finding my inner Ray Mears, as I was sent off to produce a video for one of our partners, TCV – The Conservation Volunteers, as part of Growing Communities.

TCV Growing Communities, a health and wellbeing scheme supported by Adur & Worthing Councils, was running a bushcraft event up on the Fishersgate downs. Part of their summer programme, it allowed those who took part to enjoy the wonderful open spaces of Eastbrook and Northbrook.

With brief directions from Craig Ifield, Growing Communities’ Health and Wellbeing Project Officer, I dismounted from the train at Fishersgate station and set about trekking up to the downs, keeping half an eye on the more than overcast skies above.

Once I neared the top I utilized my expert survival skills, otherwise known as a phone call, and tracked down their location.

Eventually I came across their camp deep in the woods, and I was happy to see so many families had attended the event despite the horrific weather forecast!

Seconds after arriving I introduced myself to the parents and their children and set about trying to piece together a short story of Growing Communities’ bushcraft activity.

From crafting their own wooden tools to creating their own secret den, there were plenty of fun activities for the group to get stuck into.

Laughter and beaming smiles lit up the woodlands and everything was well, too well as it turned out, as the heavens opened. And oh boy did they open!

Even under cover of the trees we were being bombarded with torrential rain, unfortunately meaning we all had to call it a day for the bushcraft activities.

With the paths back down to the station inevitably transformed into a stream, I reported back to Comms HQ and requested a pick up from the Beach Office. As it turns out the Beach Office had problems of their own in this weather, meaning it was a long journey back for the young apprentice.

Several cancelled trains later, I arrived back at the office drenched and with my barnet ruined. Despite this though, my spirits remained high, and I was buzzin’ for the weekend ahead…

Fortunately I had gathered enough footage before the rainfall came, but it did make me reconsider the thought of ‘glamorous’ Communications …

Please be sure to view the video below and discover how to get involved with Growing Communities’ programme of summer activities.


Until next time …