On the blog this week, Dog Warden Russ Akehurst tells of the dramatic cross coun…


On the blog this week, Dog Warden Russ Akehurst tells of the dramatic cross country chase to reunite Zuri, the Saluki stray with his owner… keep reading to find out more!

Hello again, it’s been another busy week with 3 strays being found. All were reunited with their owners but with a certain amount of frustration. Why? Because of the 3 strays, one has now been in our care 8 times, meaning despite all of our advice, the dog is still escaping from the house, putting himself and others in danger.

The second belongs to someone who over the years has owned many dogs, several if not all have at one time or another been in our care having been found straying and sadly at least 2 have been run over and killed. Yet despite this, the owner’s dogs are still being put in danger.

The third dog shows us the benefits of social media, good community spirit and lessons to learn for the future. The story begins when Zuri a male Saluki ran off from his owner in fields near Ashington. His owner alerted a charity called dog lost who created a missing dog poster, hard copies of which were displayed in the area and posts online were shared over and over again far and wide.

I remember seeing the post and sharing it myself and wondering how far the dog will travel or will he go to ground nearby.

Over the next 3 days there were numerous sightings reported to his owner who responded to each and every one. Zuri’s route was plotted and it’s known that he visited Rackham, Parham House, Storrington and the Duke of Norfolk’s Estate at Arundel and Amberley. Sadly by the time his owner arrived at every sighting he had moved, not helped by the fact Zuri was travelling cross country whereas his owner had to travel to each sighting by road.

Last Wednesday evening, some 3 and a half days after he went missing. A motorist spotted Zuri running up the middle of Titnore Lane towards the A27 and alerted WADARS who in turn rang me. The owner was contacted and made her way to the area, thankfully Zuri changed direction because the next sighting was that he was heading towards Fernhurst Drive, Goring. Then came a flurry of sightings leading his owner to the fields near to Goring Hall where she got her first glimpse of him for over 3 days.

However, 3 days in the wild had left him confused and scared and so he wouldn’t come to her. Luckily she had her other Salukis with her who ran over to him. She then called them back and Kuri came back with them.

In the 3 and a half days Zuri was missing it’s estimated he travelled over 40 miles and in the last 2 and a half hours of his ordeal he covered some 10 miles. The story shows a great example of the power of social media and the charity Dog Lost but of course none of that would have been any good without the community who read the posts and kept the phone number to hand and contacted the distraught owner when they saw Zuri.

It also tells us that when looking for a pet that’s run away, they could have gone to ground nearby but on the other hand, they are capable of travelling long distances in a short space of time. I’m really pleased to report that Zuri has now recovered from his ordeal and for the time being at least is being walked on a lead.

Read more from Russ, HERE: http://adwb.co/oVROm