Not your average piece of shingle… Worthing Beach Office are back on the blo…

Not your average piece of shingle… 💥

Worthing Beach Office are back on the blog, and through Rob this week share more details on the piece of WW2 equipment found on our coastline.

Read the team's latest story below…

Hello my name is Rob and I'm your designated blogger for this week at Worthing Beach Office.

Everyone and everything is now heading to the coast of late, and a guest arrived on Wednesday that's taken 75 years to get here.

Wednesday morning a concerned member of the public informed us of a suspected piece of ordnance that had come ashore on Lancing Beach near Brooklands Park.

My colleague Tommy immediately came away from a routine west patrol and headed to the reported location to cautiously conform the item to the best of his knowledge. Police and myself were not far behind and set out the safety cordon.

Without over confirming, Tommy was certain it was an ordnance piece and whilst all working to keep the public out of any harms way, we awaited bomb disposal to arrive on site.

The item was small with a 50mm diameter and more than likely a historic piece of equipment from the Second World War. As to how and why it entered our coastline that day we can only guess …

We all know if we could lift the English Channel it would be littered with sorts of ship and plane wrecks, which ironically now offer vital marine habitat for sea life.

Once on scene, disposal relocated the object to the water's edge and safely detonated.

Never an ordinary day…

Second photo: The disposal of another German bomb that was safely exploded on Worthing Beach back in 2015