NEW BLOG: Worthing loves a laugh … Stand up comedy has been a stunning succes…


NEW BLOG: Worthing loves a laugh …

Stand up comedy has been a stunning success for Worthing Theatres with an increase in income of 277% for this strand of work in the last three years says Amanda O’Reilly (our Head of Culture).

We have had an array of comedians perform in Worthing – Dawn French, Alan Carr, Tim Vine, Stewart Francis, Sean Lock, Sarah Millican, Jimmy Carr, Ross Noble, Russell Brand, Sara Pascoe, Jo Brand and Paul Chowdhry are just some of the names who have sold out.

A stand up comedy night is usually a pretty straight forward gig for us – tickets sell quickly, sometimes sold out within a couple of hours of our first social media tweet, technically it is often just a microphone, sound system and upbeat moving lights to create a party atmosphere. There are exceptions like Ross Noble with his huge inflatable set.

Comedians generally arrive an hour or two before the show starts, just in time for a sound check and to get in the zone. They often have a rider that specifies exactly what they want in the dressing room – I couldn’t possibly tell you who wanted scented candles and pink fairy lights! Dawn French listed her ideal rider in a magazine just weeks before coming to Worthing so we managed to surprise her by tracking down every item. Sarah Millican brings her schnoodle Tuvok so we did a mini rider for him (I have a Schnoodle called Hubble so have a massive soft spot for that breed of dog)

Occasionally comedians have to change dates due to TV commitments – Susan Calman will now be postponed to 2018 because she is performing on Strictly and Jo Brand had a date change to allow for the filming schedule for An Extra Slice.

We programme the big names that are seen on TV but also partner with Matt’s Comedy Club who programme the up and coming stars of the future. These nights are also family friendly with no bad language or racy content, catch the next one on the 17th October 2017 when they host The Noise Next Door.

We love stand up comedians so much we try to get one in our pantomime each year, last year we had the unforgettable Patrick Monahan as Hook (coming to us with his stand up show on the 27th January if you need another injection of his energetic crazy). This year we have Jo Brand as the mirror in Snow White, filmed by Northbrook College students.

An interesting fact, Worthing Theatres has two stand up comedians in our staff team, Amy is part of the front of house crew and James our film officer recently performed at the Edinburgh Festival. What a talented bunch.

We live in strange times so a great night out full of laughter is just what we all need, bring on the jokes!