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The Best Thing I Ever Did …… Was believe in myself 

It’s been nearly 6 whole years since I took the leap of faith and despite so many people telling me not to, I took a chance on myself.

I challenged myself in ways I never have before. It honestly feels like yesterday I was that shy, zero confident girl stuck in my nightmare.

So what the hell did I do to change, do you ask..?

Well, I quit.

Let me fill you in a bit more; when I say I quit,  I mean that in the most positive tense !!

…. I’ll come back to this bit later..!

You know that saying “sometimes you need to fall apart to build yourself back together”

Well, I’ve been there too.

When I started out in the fitness industry, having been a larger woman still on her journey and starting in the fitness world much later than most people as a career, my mind flooded me with self-doubt and fear if people would take me seriously.

I had so many doubts that I wouldn’t measure up to other women, I was worried going from a full time job, into a job I had to work my butt of to make something of myself, I was scared I’d fail –

or laughed or mocked for choosing to make this a career. Don’t forget, I’d come from a previous life where my confidence was crushed.

This was the EXACT turning point in my life.

I still hadn’t mustered up the courage to believe in myself, but what I had was the belief I could change the way people looked at fitness, their lifestyle and even though my changes at that precise time 6 years ago weren’t as huge as they are today, I wanted to try to help others.

I did what I felt I needed to at the time. But one thing I did have was a serious sense of self awareness, purpose and passion for helping others.

On the flip side, deciding to just go for it didn’t allow for me to second guess myself or hang on to my previous life as a safety net. If I had of done that, who knows where I’d be, definitely not dedicating my life to working in the world of health and fitness.

It’s HARD to move on and progress of your still holding on to your comfort zone.

Why am I telling you all this?

I believe it’s good to share my ups, downs and my insecurities with you. 

If I’m being perfectly honest, for years I was disappointed in myself

That said, I’m also a FIRM believer in that things cross our path and things happen when they are meant to.

I was meant to find fitness later on in my life.

For those of you that have followed me for the past few years, I’m sure your saying, all this self-doubt and second guessing doesn’t sound like a Kerry thing, this isn’t the Kerry we know. But you know what, it’s all good!

Everything comes with ups and downs. We always become stronger as a result of the tests and trials and obstacles we face! I’m 100% living proof!

And six years later….. 

Here I am ! Working full time in fitness.

Has it been easy, HELL NO! It has though been exciting, full of adventure and learning experiences.

The person you see now is the product of working hard for something I believe in.

Each day I’m still learning how to evolve my business and how I can help more people with their fitness.

“Hello fitness world, who wants to workout and train with me and let me help them with their fitness?!” without much in the way of rent in my checking account, and only a handful of clients – when things were tough and I was struggling to build my clientele base, I’d always remind myself of how much I’d accomplished

It turns out I had a hell of a lot more focus drive and willpower than I had originally given myself credit for.

If you want to know more; watch my BBC1 documentary “Matter of Life”

SoHow does what I’m saying relate to being fit and healthy for you? 

The next time you find yourself riddled with self doubt, fearful of change or taking a risk, remind yourself to take a chance. Give it a shot. Focus. I promise you the results will be far more rewarding then you ever would have imagined.

By simply believing in myself and pushing my own self doubt and fear to one side I changed my life.

Imagine that…. a simple thing like believing in yourself has such an impact and can drastically change your outlook.

I did it, and I have no doubts that YOU can do it, too!

Oh, and that bit about quitting – Best decision I’ve ever made. To quit your old lifestyle and start living a NEW life through open eyes!

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