Kerry Derham’s Summer Fitness Tips

So, summer’s here! Don’t put your fitness goals on the back burner this holiday season. Enjoy the holidays and crush your goals by following some of the rules I put in place with holiday fitness!

Everyone I’ve been speaking to lately has the same concerns when it comes to the holidays. You probably have them, too. We all want our ideal beach body, but at the same time , attend as many events, dinners, and BBQ parties as possible and to eat all the yummy tasting foods that follow!   But, we don’t want our fitness to be put on the back burner as a result.

You’d think that after all these years, we would have figured out how to have our cake and squat, too. Some of us have, though, and believe the answer is to try and desperately cram in as much fitness as possible in a last minute attempt.  Guys, this doesn’t last, you need a new approach. Something where you don’t have to cram it all in “last minute”I take a balanced approach to my fitness and my nutrition which means still keeping fit… But allowing a little wiggle room for those naughty treats. When you restrict yourself or in a last minute attempt go all out in the gym to slim down, many people end up binging and worse putting more back on than when they first started!

I believe in taking a balanced, fun approach to my fitness, because when you stop putting constant pressure on yourself to BE or LOOK a certain way, THATS when the real changes happen. It’s amazing what can happen if you just stop for a moment and listen to your body!

Kerry Derham's Summer Fitness TipDo I allow myself holiday treats? YES! Someone told me OMG your eating ice cream , I’m like where does it say I can’t eat chocolate ice cream and live life? Sounds like a boring life lol YES guys, I eat ice cream and I FREAKIN love it!

I’ve put together five rules that could single-handedly make you learn to love the holidays!


You missed your workout on Monday. Something came up, something went down—hey, it just happened! But chances are, you’re pretty sure it’s going to happen again on Thursday. No matter how you look at it, the order of your workouts is getting, well, not top of your priority list right now.

This doesn’t mean you should just throw in the towel until next week or next month. Instead, consider setting your precious normal gym program aside for a few weeks and  start performing full-body workouts, or even at-home workouts, until things die down a bit!

This doesn’t have to mean that your workouts will become easy. If anything, they might feel harder! You can still add in supersets, cardio bursts, or more compound movements to elevate your heart rate and maximise your time. Trust me: you won’t lose any ground. All you’ll lose is stress, because if you miss a workout, big deal. You’ll just do it the next day or make it fit around you in your time.. Even if it’s at home!


Is your summer schedule jam-packed with events after work, perhaps an unplanned catch up with friends – and shoot, you still want to get in that workout to boot? Don’t spend your day wondering if you’ll be able to “fit it all in.” You know you won’t—and if even if you do, it won’t be any fun. But last time I checked, nobody schedules holiday parties before 7 in the morning!

Switch your workout to first thing in the morning on the days you know your evenings are taken. Load up your gym bag the night before, and when your alarm goes off, take a deep breath , get up, and prepare yourself to make the most of a crazy day. It might be a chore at first, but that feeling will soon ware off and you’ll start to love being the early bird!

This is important for more than one reason. Sure, the holidays are about spending time with loved ones, but you also need to make sure to give yourself the gift of making time for yourself and for fitness and to make time for it—even if it’s just 20-30 minutes a day it all adds up!

Your friends and loved ones will reap the benefits when they have a happy, focused you. #winning


Notice, almost nobody ever really follows the rule where you never eat a naughty treat… Ever. And if they did, well, they were miserable doing it. I’m not interested in continuing that tradition.

So eat your treats! No, seriously, eat them. Moderation of course, but don’t deny yourself!  Just make sure that they’re yours. Sugary treats can be found everywhere you look right now, and you could easily—too easily—ride a blood-sugar high all the way to some sad 2017-18 New Year’s resolutions. But here’s a better way: Have your favorite seasonal treats, but skip the stuff you can get any time of the year.

I abide by this mantra, and recommend it to my clients each holiday season, but also year round. For example, will I eat some of my family’s traditional yummy eats at a family BBQ? You betcha! Homemade mulled wine at a party or pumpkin pie at Christmas ? Dig right in! But to those Oreos at my friends place or cookies at work , I say, “No thanks I’m good.”


When I ask my clients if they ate good and they say yes… But I see them on snapchat having grilled cheese..#myface

I know exactly how planning ahead can feel like an absolute bore ! —by saying, “Yeah, Kerry, but when you’re hungry and you don’t have time to cook, or prep, everything becomes tempting”

Hey, I know! This is when planning ahead becomes crucial. No time to cook due to a packed schedule? Bring simple, healthy options with you to help get through the day. I always pack protein powder, oats, raw almonds, a piece of fruit, and my favorite protein bar when I’m on the go for the day and don’t have time to pre prep my food. Don’t let desperation hanger win!


It’s normal to secretly want to shock people into a compliment—”Wow! What have you been doing? You look great!”—or even better, to help inspire them to embrace the fit life. But if all they see is the end result and not the process necessary to get there, it might ultimately frustrate them as much as inspire them.

The solution is to make a gym date with a friend, family member, even a coworker. It doesn’t have to be much: just a quick workout before getting in some holiday shopping or heading off to a child’s school fate or sports day. It will help hold both of you accountable for getting your workout in that day, plus, when you workout with someone, it becomes a whole lot more fun rather than battle on your own, especially if you struggle with motivation.


The holidays only come around once a year, but they come around every year. This isn’t going to change! That means you’ve got plenty more dates with temptation on the horizon.

You can either do battle with them, or you can do your best to work with them. I think you know which one I’m in favour of.

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