“It is also not just about making everything digital, but about making our servi…


“It is also not just about making everything digital, but about making our services easier and faster to access for everyone.”

Say hello to our new blogger, digital developer Simon Millier, who this week takes inspiration from flying back from his holidays to deliver a blog called Blue Sky Thinking…. 🛫🏞️

Welcome to my first blog! I’m lucky enough to be taking full advantage of the bank holiday weekend and writing this blog from 35,000 feet en route to Toronto for my 39th birthday – even if some of my colleagues think it’s a bit crazy to fly all this distance for a few days! My passion is travel though, and this will be the 25th country I’ve visited.

I’ve lived in Worthing for the past five years and I’m extremely proud that my career has lead me to work for the local councils and play a small part in building a better community.

My role within the Digital team is focused on website development and user experience with a responsibility for keeping fifteen websites online 24/7 including the councils’ main public site that you’re reading this from. I also work closely with our other developers who are leading the way some of our services are delivered and accessed digitally.

Over the coming weeks I’ll introduce the fantastic work they are producing and the design methodologies we use while working closely with the council’s service areas. It’s not all about me!

At a recent team engagement day we discussed our service name ‘Digital’ and whether it has any value in an society where increasingly everything is digital. For myself however, it perfectly reflects our team and the vast array of digital services we manage and build; including software applications, websites, telephony, hardware and IT infrastructure.

This all goes towards supporting our colleagues to deliver public-facing services within our community. It is also not just about making everything digital, but about making our services easier and faster to access for everyone. More people accessing our digital channels will free up our face-to-face time and contact centre for customers who are less able to access digital routes. Everybody wins.

This past week has been one of my busiest at the councils. Working with the lively team at Worthing Theatres, our IT operations team, a market leading supplier and another talented developer we have successfully launched a new Box Office ticket booking system. It is fully integrated with the Worthing Theatres website, front-of-house ticket machines and telephone box office.

It was the culmination of three months planning and development and is an important revenue stream for the councils. The new system will create efficiencies in working for the Theatres team and will give customers greater options for purchasing tickets and managing their accounts online.

Next week I’ll be talking about the launch of our new Housing Repairs application and how I got on in the Worthing 10k…