“If I’ve learnt one thing over the past ten years, it’s that dogs are ‘inconside…


“If I’ve learnt one thing over the past ten years, it’s that dogs are ‘inconsiderate’ …”
A few words you would never expect to hear from our dog warden but trust us, it’s all in good humour! Keep reading to find out what Russ has been up to recently from reuniting stray dogs to meeting like minded people in Worthing.

I hope you all had an enjoyable Easter break, the downside for us is when you go back to work, the emails, complaints and reports of incidents have stacked up and still need to be dealt with.

To make matters worse Mike Barnard (the Adur dog warden) has been very naughty, he’s taken 2 weeks leave directly after the Easter break and so I’m covering from the border of Brighton & Hove in the east to the Worthing Arun border at Ferring in the west.

What this means is, when I’m in Southwick there will be a stray dog in Durrington and when I’m in Goring there’ll be a stray dog in Fishersgate.

If I’ve learnt one thing over the past ten years, it’s that dogs are inconsiderate; not only do they go missing when you’re in the wrong place, but also when you’re eating or just about to finish duty – it’s always the way!!

Easter weekend was a perfect example of this. As most of you know Adur & Worthing Councils provide an out of hours service at the weekends and bank holidays – very few councils throughout the country do this – and out of the three stray dogs that came into our care last week, two were picked up by Mike over the Easter weekend and Sunday’s Pomeranian stray wasn’t reunited until her owner came forward on Easter Monday.

Before the beautiful Pomeranian was claimed I visited Worthing’s first ever Vegan fair which was held at the Assembly rooms. I happened to know that the organisers were worried if it would be well attended so I was really pleased to see so many people there when I arrived.

It was a good mix of stalls selling ethically sourced vegan beauty products (to late for me!) toiletries, clothes and of course food. My partner was in heaven when she found some garlic mayo to buy and I was in my element when I brought lunch from the Vegan Greek street food stall.

There were also some local charities and groups represented including Cat and Rabbit Rescue Chichester, Worthing Cats Protection, Animal aid and Campaign to close down Brighton & Hove Greyhound Stadium whose stall was run by a long time vegan who has dedicated her life to speak up against the exploitation of animals both at home and abroad.

It’s lovely to spend time with like minded people and catch up with old friends. But as we all know, holiday’s and time off goes to quickly and all too soon it’s back to work!

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