HR is about more than helping people, it could even help protect the planet….s…


HR is about more than helping people, it could even help protect the planet….seriously!

Read Amy’s latest blog below to find out how helping an organisation develop can be done in a sustainable way….💚💚💚

Something very close to my heart is the environment. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve just had a baby and am thinking about the planet he will grow up in, or my vegan lifestyle, but I try to do my best to reduce my impact on the planet.

For a number of years I’ve been hearing about scary environmental issues, like how ‘overshoot day’ – when we use all the resources the earth can regenerate in a year – was August 1 this year.

How bees, which are crucial to pollination which enables our food to grow, are on a teetering path towards extinction, and how we’re one degree away from a planetary domino effect which would render much of our planet, including coastal areas, inhabitable.

Not very cheery stuff, eh?

But I take heart in the fact that Adur and Worthing are investing in becoming more sustainable as an organisation and as places to live.

“What does this have to do with you, Amy?” I hear you cry!

Well, it is intrinsically linked to how we learn and develop as an organisation, which is what my job is all about.

Whether it’s sourcing nearby learning providers to cut down on our carbon footprint, supporting our strategic sustainability manager, Francesca to put on sustainable learning sessions which can influence our building and project work, sustainability is a part of what I and my team!

It also makes me proud to work for the Councils because there is alignment between my core values and the choices and action Adur & Worthing are taking to address sustainability issues.

I love how we’re strongly behind the Refill Worthing campaign to get more people to use refillable bottles and less plastic, single use ones.

I think it’s amazing how parts of our parks were left wild this year to allow bees and other insects to roam free.

I admire how we have solar panels on our main buildings to both cut down our footprint and generate income for the organisation.

So now that I’ve got your attention, can I suggest a few small things you could do to be kinder to the planet and our lovely part of the world?

Why not try:
–going without a car where possible;
–eating less meat and dairy, the second biggest cause of climate change;
–taking off a layer before you put on a fan or air-conditioning
–not buying food made with unsustainable palm oil which is responsible for mass deforestation of the Amazon rainforest – our planet’s lungs;
–taking plastic bags to the shops instead of buying new ones
buying less ‘new’ stuff;
–stopping using chemical cleaners and returning to old, kinder methods like vinegar instead of bleach;
–opting to refill your reusable water bottle (my young son likes to hold on to one of our reusable bottles!) when you’re out and about in Worthing.

Every little counts! And now I’ll get off my environmental high horse and get back to my day job 🙂