He’s back by popular demand!! Yes it’s everyone’s favourite building surveyor Ch…


He’s back by popular demand!! Yes it’s everyone’s favourite building surveyor Chris Strevett, who returns with details on how he’s helping our parks look great for the summer season – and a mysterious story about how a bog appeared in one of Worthing’s open spaces….🌷🌾🌳


Hi everyone, I’m back. I am amazed and also grateful of the responses I have received since finishing my last blog.

It has been mentioned at work and I have also found myself being stopped in the street asking when the blogs are returning, so not to disappoint anyone here we go again.

Hopefully you will still read these or it may be the shortest return in history.

Well I have had a busy few weeks with the start of the summer season and I have too many stories to add into this one blog, but it gives me plenty of ideas for the future.

We have been working hard with our parks department to get some of our parks in tip-top condition as they were due to be judged for the Green Flag award which is awarded to the finest sites and holds a lot of prestige.

We have been making sure that all the fencing , walls, stone copings and signage are all looking their finest and we even had to refit a stepping stone in a pond (although you would need to have 12 foot legs to reach it and my contractor had to wade in and drive home still dripping!)

The parks guys do all of the tricky work though planting and pruning all varieties or plants and trees ensuring the visual effect pleases everyone who see them.

Now having my small allotment, I find managing the weeds in 200 square metres difficult so to manage all the parks at the rate that things grow amazes me. We hope to hear soon on how well we do with the Green Flag and I will update you later.

Whilst on the subject of parks I had a mystery to solve recently at our Hillbarn Rec site.

A section of grass appeared to be growing faster and more lush than the rest of the site, which after a short time ended up as a muddy marsh.

We thought it could be a underground stream, a broken drain or a water pipe leak but given the size of the site where do you start?

We called our contractors in who started to dig and they found a water pipe with a hole in it, this was then fixed and we thought job done.

Then on checking the water meter we found the dial spinning very fast and thought there must be another leak so we continued digging following the pipe through the ground.

In total we found 6 hole in the pipe all of a uniform distance. It was decided that due to the similarity in the size of holes and distances apart that the damage had been caused by someone putting up a wind break during a picnic or some other outdoor event.

I would suggest to whoever managed to do this should buy a lottery ticket immediately as the chances of hitting the pipe 6 times must be harder than choosing 6 numbers.

That’s it for this week and I hope that you all have a great week and that the sun stays with us.

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