Here’s the latest from our Waste Strategy Manager Paul who is talking about Nati…


Here’s the latest from our Waste Strategy Manager Paul who is talking about National Lottery Funding and how we’re educating communities to help change recycling habits – it’s a perfect quick read to accompany your breakfast! ☕️

Hello and welcome back to my blog on all things recycling.

This month we are teaming up with Sompting Big Local for our next community engagement project that will last the course of the summer.

In recent years we have had a much more targeted approach to waste education, focusing our efforts on engaging as many residents as we can in a geographical area rather than using more general campaigns. In this way, we can speak with people who we would never normally get to speak to.

The National Lottery funded Sompting Big Local project are also eager to engage with Sompting residents about their ideas for their local community and this partnership will mean that we both meet our aspirations.

Using some of the learning points from previous projects we are using a range of communication methods to raise awareness, change behaviour, bust some myths and enable residents to get a better understanding of how their waste services work.

This comprehensive communications exercise has been shown elsewhere to achieve higher quantities of recycling material collected that is also very high quality.

Residents of Sompting will have already seen materials stickers placed on their recycling bins and a ‘Think Before You Throw’ sticker placed on their refuse bins. These are nudges to residents to remind them to put materials in the most appropriate bins.

Experience of using these in Findon Valley showed that the stickers by themselves can generate good results, but this time we will also be backing up this work with some doorstep interviews.

These two-way conversations will enable residents to ask questions about the service as well as us finding out how well people understand the value of their efforts.

Newsletters are currently being delivered to outline the project, offer opportunities to take part and remind them of what the recycling scheme and Sompting Big Local are trying to do.

Sompting Big Local have got some exciting ideas for improving the local community and they want to hear the thoughts of local residents to gauge support for these ideas.

The main outcome they want to achieve is to improve the quality of life for local residents through providing community-led projects. The doorstep interviews will enable them to reach as many residents as possible to get ideas, viewpoints and support for the programme.

The better the level of support the richer the project will be for the whole community. It promises to be an exciting project and I will keep you up to date with progress in this blog throughout the summer months.

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