Have you heard about the Adur & Worthing Small Grants Programme? If not, why not…


Have you heard about the Adur & Worthing Small Grants Programme? If not, why not?!?!

This week Angela explains all – and how she worked with local business figures to give SMEs across the local area a real boost!

Last week saw the second of our grants panel meeting, held at Sussex Transport, courtesy of Damian Pulford – MD. Its always a great session with much debate on applications.

As the grant is funded via public funds, its important we ensure applications meet the eligibility criteria.

17 applications were reviewed during this panel which took approximately 2 hours – that’s an average of 14 minutes per application – an appropriate time to thoroughly vet and check projects.

When reviewing applications, the panel considers all the information contained therein. And its interesting to see what people do and don’t put in!

Whilst there is much theory one can read on running a business, success is a result of many factors – luck being one of them. It can be hard to read an application from a business, seeking money, which the panel feels is likely to fail. But this is also the excitement of the grant funding; to see the difference it makes! Last year, we provided money for a business undertaking corporate video. The figures didn’t stack up, but the application was eligible. But to our delight the business is really beginning to find its feet with some great involvement in the business community.

Its also interesting to see hidden pockets of the local economy – businesses which run from home but are doing pretty well!

This year, we’ve also received repeat applications and again its great to read how the business has progressed from last year.

One of the nice things about the grant is how it opens doors to a healthy chat about the business. I’ve already flyered Shoreham High Street and I can’t wait to get out and about to other independent businesses across the area.

So you never know, you might see me walking the area, flyer in hand and if so, do come and say hello.