“Happiness is for free” – That’s the message from our maintenance man Chris Stre…


“Happiness is for free” – That’s the message from our maintenance man Chris Street, whose latest blog highlights the vast array of free entertainment across our districts.

Read sweet stories and examples of Chris’s work in his heart-warming blog below…

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See I have noticed that as I have grown older my tastes and needs have changed quite significantly. Gone are the days of wanting the newest and fastest car I can afford, expensive restaurants and clothes from the designer shops where they offer you a free coffee or glass of wine before you actually try anything on. Nowadays my tastes are much more simple, the fast car has been replaced with a 16 year old 4×4 which, although it works great, does make me the joke of my office with constant jibes about it being a skip. The fancy restaurants have been replaced with a cheeky takeaway every now and then and the designer shops have now become supermarket own brand. These changes have not come about because of any financial constraints (other than having two children), merely my priorities have changed.

Happiness for me is now going out with the family and seeing the smiles on my kids’ faces as they start their usual challenges of who can do what the best, whether it is spotting a certain car first, going down a slide fastest or eating their ice-cream quickest. It is for these reasons that I am so grateful living where I do.

There is never a shortage of days out ideas whether it is at Fort Haven watching the boats come into Shoreham Port, Widewater and Plantation watching the surfers, playing football, cricket or rugby in any of the many parks we have or walking along the seafront or around our gardens such as Beach House Park or Highdown Gardens. There are also many organised events which go on weekly within Adur and Worthing, some are free and some carry a small charge. The best for me are the days where I don’t have to spend a fortune buying tickets, queue for hours and pay a fortune for food and treats.

We love visiting the parks around Adur and Worthing and many of them have kids play areas and even some now have exercise equipment in them. It is great watching my kids play (even better if they don’t want me to follow them around the climbing frame). We often make up a picnic, take a blanket and spend the day playing, watching the sports that are going on or even working out.

A lot of my time is spent looking at fencing around such parks and arranging repairs or replacements where necessary. It is vital that parents know that their children are safe when playing and for dog walkers to know their pets can’t run out into the road.

We will be starting the replacement of two lots of fencing this week, with one being at Buckingham Park in Shoreham and the other being Broadwater Green in Worthing.

The fencing to the southern boundary at Buckingham Park has been falling down for some time now and the cost and regularity of repairing it is now becoming too frequent to ignore. The decision was taken to replace the southern section with new post and rail chestnut fencing which will last for many years to come.

Although Broadwater Green does not have a play area it is a highly used site for sports, community events and picnics. The existing fencing (concrete post and rails) has now not been made for some years now so we are replacing the southern boundary fence with new timber knee rail fencing similar to the fencing which we replaced at Adur Rec (see previous below – 21st February 2018). The good sections of concrete fencing (if any) will be stored and used to repair any sections which become damaged in the future.

My kids love going along the seafront in Worthing and it’s great to see the new concessions which have started, meaning the parade is now a much more vibrant place to visit. A day out is not complete without a walk along the pier for a nice ice cream and maybe a coffee.

So next time you are thinking what to do for the day, pop down to the seafront, collect some shells, paddle a little, have picnic if it takes your fancy and enjoy the sun, happiness for free.

Enjoy, more next week.