From Three Lions to a couple of stray dogs….🦁🦁🦁 It’s been another busy week f…


From Three Lions to a couple of stray dogs….πŸ¦πŸ¦πŸ¦πŸ•πŸ•

It’s been another busy week for Russ the dog warden as he ties trying to find a couple of strays a new home while singing “It’s Coming Home”….
Hello again. What a week!

Who would have thought that the heatwave would still be with us? And who would have thought that the England football team would still be in Russia??

In between all that excitement, it’s been another busy week for the dog wardens, and social media played its part.

You may remember last week I reported that a teenager was thrown from her horse due to a Doberman that wasn’t under the control of the person in charge of it. Well, despite there not being many Dobermans in Worthing, we didn’t receive any calls that might have helped us identify the owner / person walking the dog.

However the blog on the same day asking for information regarding the Boxer type dog I named Harricane (after the England striker) resulted in numerous calls and emails. The result is that Harricane has now been signed over to us and I have made arrangements for a local rescue centre to asses him. I’d like to thank everyone who contacted us to help provide information relating to this.

As you can imagine our workload has increased a lot since this unusually hot spell.

Apart from the calls from the public concerned about dogs in cars and being walked in the heat, we also see a large rise in noise complaints. People want their doors and windows open as well as relaxing in their gardens. So if a nearby dog is barking they’re going to hear it and possibly complain that the noise is a nuisance at which point we become involved.

We also receive an increase in reports that dogs aren’t being housed in an environment suitable for such hot weather. This offence is covered by Section 9 of the Animal Welfare Act. It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was talking about dogs living in outdoor kennels needing to be protected from the cold, rain, wind and snow. Now we’re at the other end of the scale where I need to remind people that dogs need to be provided with a covered area to protect them from the sun.

It’s not just dogs living outside that are in danger, I’ve had reports of dogs confined to porches or conservatories which, because they are mostly glass has the same effect as a greenhouse and despite how much water you leave your companion animal they will soon dehydrate and develop heatstroke. Pets need to be in a cool room, if need be close the blinds when you go out and put a fan on and give them access to plenty of water.

Lastly, I write my blog on a Monday morning, we collected two stray dogs first thing. One thankfully is about to go home, but the second, by the sounds of it, may be with us a while.

I’ll update you all next week along with how Harricane got on at his assessment and hopefully by then β€œIt will have come home” … C’mon England!!!!