Everyone’s favourite surveyor Chris is back on the blog again this week with a p…


Everyone’s favourite surveyor Chris is back on the blog again this week with a piece on…..[DRUM ROLL PLEASE]…..parking…

Before you all start groaning, have a peek below at some of the work Chris and the team are doing to spruce up Worthing’s town centre multi-storeys….🚗🚘🚗
This week I am going for bust and anticipate losing all my readers, but I feel this is an important story which needs to be told. This blog is about PARKING.

I can already hear the groans and mumblings but this is an important service which is provided to assist residents, visitors and business within the area.

We and my parking colleagues are working flat out carrying out improvements to our multi-storey car parks and I think that most of these improvements go unnoticed.

I know this as whenever I have parked in other towns I don’t stop and look around to admire the volume of work that is involved in keeping them running, I just park up and hurry to the shops or eatery of choice.

I personally think for the investments being made in our car-parks and the hourly charges we are exceptional value for money (there go the groans again).

This is a brash statement I know but I recently parked in Brighton and after having lunch and a quick pick up in one of the shops I found myself £15 poorer on parking costs.

I have already written about the new lighting scheme but we have carried out so much more work.

At Buckingham Road mutli-storey car park we are in the process of replacing the lifts. One is already in service and the other is due to be completed and put into service soon.

The lift action is smooth and fast but being a bit of a kid at heart I love the red and green LED strips down the doors which show whether the door is opening or closing.

We take the safety of our users seriously and have recently painted the nosing’s to all of the stair cases in bright yellow. This marks out the steps and prevents trips and falls.

The old antiquated CCTV system has now been replaced with a new high tech digital system which now incorporates remote cameras to the roof top areas.

This has the benefit of being able to monitor the flow of traffic, which is very helpful if a car should break down at an entrance, and also to react quickly should any incident occur and attendance by our staff be needed.

The lift shaft and internal lobby area at Grafton MSCP has now received a makeover which is a stunning transformation compared to what it used to look like.

The lobby area has had new flooring, ceilings and a paint, the inside lift areas have all been decorated and broken tiles replaced and the glazing has now been covered and redecorated inside and out.

Now these are works that myself and my surveying colleagues have carried out but there is work being carried out daily by the core car park staff. In the past their jobs would be to monitor traffic and deal with complaints and parking related issues, but now they are much more hands on doing whatever they can to make the car parks a more inviting place to visit.

It is very rare now not to see them without a paint brush in their hands or using the new mechanical sweepers and cleaning equipment and I have even caught them cleaning the glass in the fire doors.

They are of course still carrying out their old tasks and on hand to help users I think that these guys (men and ladies) are probably the least appreciated by the public but they are a very friendly bunch so if you see them out and about say hello and admire the work they are doing.