Even when our Beach Office team are sitting on the sidelines, they’re still look…


Even when our Beach Office team are sitting on the sidelines, they’re still looking out for you safety… 👊

Find out what they’ve been up to in Foreshore Inspector Rob Dove’s latest blog…

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Water safety is our bread and butter here at the Beach office and on Sunday 8th July we were happy to assist with delivering this for the Worthing Triathlon 2018.

Its an early start for us and the crew, even earlier for the participants dealing with nerves, preparations and conditioning/feeding their bodies for the rigours ahead.

The conditions were perfect for the event; a gentle force one offshore breeze blew with the sun burning hot in the sky, even at 6am.

A week ago, I ran a training afternoon on the water with our crews to put our casualty water extractions into practice and blow off any cobwebs. Lifting on board, deploying safety devices and theory were refreshed to a competent level.

Preparations for all on-board kit were made a few days before to ensure we had all that we needed on the safety boats for deployment to the event. Throw rings, throw lines, first aid kits and extraction kits ticked on board along with all the other equipment needed for a day on the water should the situation develop for any adverse reason.

Kit admin is key to our service running efficiently. It’s true that ‘no plan survives contact’ but with our training and rescue kit at our disposal we were confident we could adapt to any situation the Triathlon could throw at us!

Both safety boat one & two and jet ski with recovery board were in position by 6:30am awaiting the start at 7am.

With the blow of a whistle, on mass a wall of warriors ran into the water to begin a series of swims. Constantly monitoring the situation is key to us providing the water cover needed, constantly relocating safety boats and keeping one eye out for struggling contestants and one on water traffic is no easy feat.

This year all participants completed the race with no recoveries needed, mission accomplished. Levels of fitness were through the roof, well done if you were one!

It was then a swift return to base on a sea of blue glass for tea and medals, well tea anyway… 😉

Previous years we’ve had up to 17 rescues needed on this event, granted the weather was adverse. This proves why water safety is so important at coastal events and should always be put in place.

We relish working hand in hand with events and providing safety cover.

If you require our assistance or simply want general safety advice, please touch base.

See you on the water!