Enjoy your life and what you do with it – that’s the message from our digital wi…


Enjoy your life and what you do with it – that’s the message from our digital wiz Simon, who’s latest blog focuses on the love for his working life at the councils…

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Work takes up a large part of most people’s lives, so it’s really important to enjoy what you do. That might be easier said than done for some, I guess I’m very lucky to be able to say I love my work life. That’s not just my actual job, but the whole experience of working with diverse and friendly people. Either way, we all need a little motivational nudge sometimes.

I want to share with you some ways that will keep you motivated and loving your work life, or hopefully reconnect if you’re not quite enjoying it as much as you used too.

Make some real social connections. It’s easy to smile as you pass someone in the corridor, or ask about their weekend while making a cup of tea, but have you taken the time to really get to know your colleagues? I’ve found ‘payday drinks’ to be a great way to turn colleagues into friends and meet new people at work that you might not have connected with before. By the end of the first week in this job after drinks with the team, they definitely knew more about me than I expected. We also do really silly things like dressing up as pirates for Murder Mystery evenings!

Collaborate with your work. In Digital we try to mix up the way we work. Recently we wanted to create a small application and get it delivered quickly, so we organised a hackathon. The whole team sat round a table to brainstorm ideas and build the application. Sometimes we co-locate our project teams to be able to work closer with other services. We also organise meetups for the whole directorate so that everyone hears about the positive achievements of others.

Take time at lunch away from your desk. I’ve alway been one for eating at my desk, trying to catch up on emails or prepping for the next meeting. But it is really important to take a little breathing time. Whether just walking to the sandwich shop with someone and having a chat on the way; reading a good book; or going for an ice cream on the Pier to make the most of this lovely weather – make some time for yourself.

Push yourself and learn something new. Another great way I find to motivate myself is with self learning. This week I joined a ‘meetup’ with WorthingDigital. It turned out to be a fantastic opportunity to meet a really interesting and varied group of local people all connected by our interest in digital. They were running talks about user experience by Jayde Adams and customer behaviour by David Somerville. Even if you’re not comfortable pushing yourself into a new situation – just try it because you will always gain some experience.

Next week I’ll be talking about the launch of a new application and the exciting process we used to develop it.

Photo: Digital team Pirates Murder Mystery evening