Dog warden Russ is back on the blog today – and he starts with an apology…. S…


Dog warden Russ is back on the blog today – and he starts with an apology….

Since last weeks post about the dangers of leaving dogs in hot cars, I don’t think the sun’s been out once!

Due to the length of the post, I didn’t get to mention the stray dogs. Over the last 2 weeks there’s been quite a bit to catch up on, with the usual mix of good, bad and frustrating news.

Two weeks ago a dog was found on the beach in Worthing. On my arrival I was met by a stunning red Labrador, chipped to a previous owner. The dog was taken to our kennels awaiting his owner to come forward.

The following afternoon, whilst engrossed in Sky Sports Soccer Saturday, I received a call to Lancing where a dog had been found wandering around the streets. I picked up a sweet little Staffie and returned him home. Sadly his owners weren’t at home and so after leaving a note to let his owner know he was safe and well I took him to our kennels.

Sometimes neighbours offer to look after a dog until the owners return home or ask ”why don’t you put them back into the garden?”

Well the answer is simple, if I release the dog into someone’s care without the owner’s permission or put them back into the garden, and the dog escapes again,( gets run over, bites someone, falls ill etc.) you can imagine the outcry. Ultimately the dog is my responsibility and I’m not going to leave them unattended.

The following day, the owner phoned to claim the Staffie. They described how they had sadly fallen ill and was unable to give the dog the exercise and time he deserved and so reluctantly signed him into my care.

The decision wasn’t taken lightly and was by no means a spur of the moment decision. The owner had previously contacted dog rescue centres and was on the waiting list of one of them.

I’m pleased to report that both dogs are now in the care of Dogs Trust Shoreham and have been placed in foster homes where they have settled in well.

Last week we saw the return of 2 regulars who have featured in recent blogs. one was found straying (for the 4th time) on Thursday and claimed on Sunday. The 2nd (for a 6th time) was found on Friday and claimed the following day.

I’m running out of words to describe my frustration regarding these (and one other dog who I mentioned recently who we’ve cared for 8 times ). All 3 dogs are handsome young boisterous entire male Staffies in need of training and exercise. All 3 would be a target for thieves to use for stud, fighting or to sell, yet still they’re allowed to stray time and time again.

Having seen one stray killed on the railway track and another killed on the roads, I’m desperate that no harm to come to these dogs but I do fear for their safety if their owners don’t act responsibly in future.

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