Dog warden Russ is back on the blog this week with big news that he’s moving to …


Dog warden Russ is back on the blog this week with big news that he’s moving to pastures new (don’t worry, it doesn’t affect his day job….) 🐶

Firstly I’d like to thank those of you who made such nice comments on last week’s blog.

Obviously I do what I do for the dogs – they can’t help themselves and are totally reliant on humans, they can’t choose who they live with or where, if/when they’re walked, fed or any other basic needs that we take for granted.

So when I can help a dog or other living animal I will but of course it’s always nice to get good feedback and compliments and they’re very much appreciated.

There’s also been a bit of change for myself and Mike, who is the warden over in Adur. There’s been a restructure in the Environmental Services team which means that the Dog Warden service has been moved across to Public Health & Regulation Department based at Portland House in Worthing. This is where the service was when I started 10 years ago so in effect we’ve ‘come home’.

Our new line manager and his manager are both dog owners which is really good news as they can relate to the strays in our care. This helps on the rare occasions when there are difficult decisions to make.

On that note I’d like to use this opportunity to thank our previous managers for their support with the stray dogs over the last three and a half years.

There were more than a handful of occasions when they could have said no to veterinary treatment so that it would have had to wait until the dog was accepted into Dogs Trust or another rescue.

But in the dogs’ best interest the treatment and in some cases operations were carried out forthwith thus aiding the dogs recovery time making them more comfortable and pain free.

In at least one case agreeing to keep the dog a number of months when other councils would have put the dog to sleep on economic grounds.

Even though myself and Mike have been ‘rehomed’, we hope to continue this good work moving forward.