Did you know spices are not just tasty; they often have health benefits too. Ea…


Did you know spices are not just tasty; they often have health benefits too.

Each month we bring you a recipe from one of our Eat Out Eat Well (EOEW) award winners and this month it’s the turn of The Mahaan Restaurant in Montague Street, Worthing.

The restaurant offers authentic Indian and Bangladeshi dishes, has won numerous curry awards over the years and has a food hygiene rating of 5. Owner Mr Askor Ali has offered to share with us one of his curry recipes, his own vegetable Rogan Josh.

But first… In the very hot weather we’ve had recently, you might have thought twice about eating hot spicy food. However, the irony is that these types of food can help the body cool down as they encourage sweating… and sweating is the body’s natural response to heat in an effort to reduce body temperature.

Traditionally in Asia, every meal, including breakfast, contains a good mix of herbs and spices. As well as sometimes cooling us down, they’re beneficial to health in other ways, and their distinct flavours can help to reduce the amount of salt needed to make a dish flavoursome.

The amazing colours of some spices – the rich orange-red of paprika, the golden yellow of turmeric and the bright red of saffron strands – tell us of the health benefits of these spices (see the bottom of this article).

India, in particular, practises ‘Ayurveda’. This science of wellbeing is at the heart of their traditional medical heritage. In Ayurveda, herbs and spices are used extensively to help correct imbalances that cause disease and health problems. For example cinnamon is used to invigorate the circulation and warm digestion, black pepper is also used to increase digestive function and is an excellent tonic for the lungs, whilst mint is used to strengthen and clear both the digestion and the mind.

Mr Ali of The Mahaan has owned the business since 2011 and is very proud of the authenticity of his menu. The restaurant was awarded their first EOEW award in 2016, and then again in Spring 2018. Vegetable ghee is used in some of the dishes as Mr Ali is very passionate about eating food that is good for you and your heart. Heart health is very important to him.

Mr Ali said: “I chose this recipe because it contains a lot of vegetables, and the spices are also particularly healthy ones. It’s also a dish which, as curries go, is not difficult to make.”

To see the full recipe, click here: https://www.adur-worthing.gov.uk/news/pr18-142.html