"Cycling should be something that everyone can enjoy, despite disabilities….

"Cycling should be something that everyone can enjoy, despite disabilities. It's just a shame adapted equipment costs so much money!"

Our Wellbeing Officer Tammy is back on the blog and, through a personal experience with her nephew Ryan, shares why it's so important for our disabled community to experience a sense of freedom.

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"If you have a mainstream child and you need to get them a bike, you either pop to a shop and buy one for about £100 or you can go to a few community bike projects and buy a second hand / refurbished one. But when you have a disabled child, doing something as simple as buying a bike is not simple… and it's not cheap.

Five years ago my nephew Ryan got to try an adapted bike at one of the We Cycle Too events and he loved it, so we set ourselves the challenge of getting him one!

So we got Tomcat trikes to come down and look at what adaptations he would need to then fit him on a trike. We opted for a trailer trike which could be a stand alone trike or could fit onto the back of my bike so I could tow him!

We subsequently fundraised and raised the £2700 to get him one. When he first got it, he could not even turn the pedals once, five years later I now have to run alongside him just to keep up! Unfortunately he has now outgrown it and so we have the mammoth task of raising a similar amount again!

He can go to Brooklands and ride a trike as part of the CYCALL project, but it's not the same as having his own. For a child that can not walk unaided, a trike gives him not only a physical benefit but a sense of freedom. The laughter that comes from him as his auntie Tam-Tam runs alongside him trying to make sure he doesn't tip up is worth every penny! He loves it!

Cycling should be something that everyone can enjoy despite disabilities, it's just a shame adapted equipment costs so much money!! If I was spending £2400 on a bike for myself, it would be of a very high spec! Ryan’s doesn't even have gears!!!

Anyway, we will keep fundraising so he can get his ‘Blue Bike, not orange bike anymore!’"

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