Business secretary Alok Sharma has praised Adur & Worthing Councils for distribu…

Business secretary Alok Sharma has praised Adur & Worthing Councils for distributing more than £25 million of COVID-19 business support grants – and now urging those eligible but yet to claim to come forward to receive vital funds.

With hundreds of firms and community groups impacted by lockdown, the Councils have acted fast to ensure all those eligible receive grants of up to £25,000 to support them in this difficult time.

At the end of last week all of the 2,100 organisations who have submitted their details to the Councils have been paid.

However, records show there are still about 400 eligible organisations who have been contacted but are yet to come forward to receive this vital lifeline. These include community groups, charities and sports clubs, as well as firms which have business rate accounts but do not pay any rates.

Business Secretary Alok Sharma said: “Small business owners up and down the country are facing challenges on a scale never seen before and the financial support package we have put in place reflects that.”

“I am extremely pleased to see that Adur and Worthing businesses have already received grants totalling over £25 million and I thank the Councils for their hard work. I urge any business that believes it is eligible, but has yet to be contacted by their local authority, to make themselves known to them through the Councils' website.”

Adur and Worthing were among the first authorities in Sussex to start distributing government COVID-19 support scheme funds to eligible businesses.

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