BLOG | Winter is coming… Well, sorry to start my weekly blog like this, but w…


BLOG | Winter is coming…

Well, sorry to start my weekly blog like this, but winter is coming. For us all that means the evenings are starting to draw in – but it also means a change of emphasis here at the foreshore.

My summer staff have now all left the beach office and moved on to other things for the off-season, whether it’s employment elsewhere or back to university.

For those of us that are left it means that we have to move on to other activities.

The main immediate task is the winter profiling of the beach, which is well underway (and may be even completed by the time you read this).

This is basically a survey looking at how the contours of the shoreline have changed.

We profile the beach twice a year, mainly to protect it from over-topping from big waves during any winter storms. Storms can hit us at any time so it is best to be ready rather that resting our laurels while we’re sat on our thrones waiting.

It can also be a concern at times of high tides. I am pleased to say that there are no extra high tides forecast according to the charts we have for 2018. I know a few people are always asking me for details on this and we have the 2018 versions available from the beach office for a 40p donation to the RNLI.

On a happier note as I sit here in my office I am arranging to get the boats and ski’s ‘winterised’, which means draining the fuel and making sure they will all be reliable for next summer. The building will get a good clean inside and out the tractor will go off to our depot in Commerce Way for winter storage.

I will also be calling in the help of Erica (pictured), the Littlehampton Harbour Boards boat, to collect in and store the marker buoys she placed out in May. If you see her travelling along the coast, do give her a wave …

We will also be taking down most of our beach flags in the next few days. It’s useful to have a few up so we are able to see the wind and where it is coming from.

One more point on the dog restriction zone, which I know you’re always keen to hear about … That restriction came to an end on September 30th. So to all dog walkers enjoy the freedom… just watch out for horses!!