Best in show, dogs left in cars and an update on Miley the abandoned Staffie – R…


Best in show, dogs left in cars and an update on Miley the abandoned Staffie – Russ is back on the blog with an update on what has been an extremely busy Bank Holiday Weekend for the Councils’ dog warden service….

Hello again. Firstly I hope you all had a great bank holiday weekend.

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned the Dogs Trust open day and fun dog show was coming up. Well I’m pleased to say the event was a great success. Any outside event is so weather dependent, it would have been a disaster if the predicted thunderstorms had materialised. But the hard work from the staff and volunteers paid off, with the charity raising much-needed funds and awareness of their work.

Whilst on my way there, I was called to Beach Green, Lancing to a report of a dog being left in a car. It was 26 degrees outside so goodness knows how hot it would have been inside the car. Despite being nearby, on my arrival the car had gone. I’m saddened but not surprised that despite years of publicity, campaigns, news reports of dogs being killed in hot cars that people still do it. It’s the same as leaving your dog in a hot oven. I read on social media yesterday that police in Worthing removed a dog that had been left for hours in a car. Well done to those officers and the person reporting it.

Back to the fun day though and I was pleased to say it was well supported by the public. Some of the classes in the dog show must have had almost 60 dogs in. Gazebos with plunge pools inside were provided around the field for shade and a cooling dip or drink, along with one in the show ring for dogs waiting their turn to be judged. Luckily being one of four judges, each class didn’t take hours and I couldn’t get all the blame if someone’s dog wasn’t placed in the top six. The downside of course was that not all the dogs I liked were placed because other judges had their favourites as well.

Luckily, once we had picked our top six, we all agreed on the winners of each class and most important of all the best in show which was won by a 16-year-old German Shepherd type dog. The owner adopted him from Dogs Trust when he was one year old.

It’s so easy to become despondent because we dog wardens so often see the worst side – owners being cruel, neglecting and abandoning their dogs. So It was so nice to see so many happy owners with their dogs, dogs that are clearly loved and well cared for.

Talking of abandonment, I’m sure many of you would have seen our post about Miley, a three-year-old Mastiff type bitch, allegedly found abandoned at Beach Green, Lancing last Tuesday. Her seven days are up today so we will be approaching reputable rescues to re-home her. Until a place can be found she’ll remain safe in our care.

Until next time. Russ

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