Adur & Worthing Councils staff have acted quickly to protect the wildlife in Wor…


Adur & Worthing Councils staff have acted quickly to protect the wildlife in Worthing’s Brooklands Lake after a small percentage of fish were killed by a naturally-occurring phenomenon caused by the weather.

The prolonged period of hot weather followed by heavy rainfall this weekend has led to oxygen being stripped from lakes and rivers across the south east.

At Brooklands, oxygen levels dropped from about 65% normally to between 10% and 25% – causing a small percentage of roach and rudd to sadly die.

After being alerted to the situation this morning (July 30, 2018), teams from the Councils’ parks team acted quickly and responsibly to deal with the situation.

By lunchtime large water pumps were brought onto the site to aerate the water to increase oxygen levels. This has helped stabilise the situation.

Councils staff also alerted the Environment Agency immediately, who have carried out tests in the lake. They confirmed the incident does not appear to be related to any form of algae which has formed on the lake in recent months due to the warm weather.

A spokesman for Adur & Worthing Councils said: “While we had no control over the causes of this incident, the quick actions of our staff appear to have reduced the risk to thousands of creatures living in the lake.

“The situation looks to be stabilising. Teams will remain on site for the rest of the day as we continue to monitor the situation.

“As many residents will be aware, we have recently invested a six-figure sum to restore Brooklands Lake to its former glory and work on this remains ongoing.

“We will also continue to keep on pushing forward with our masterplan proposals which will focus on improvements for the rest of the park. Details will be revealed shortly.

“We want to thank local residents for their ongoing support and patience while we carry out these major works.”