Adur & Worthing Councils is well on track to deliver its three year programme – …


Adur & Worthing Councils is well on track to deliver its three year programme – just 18 months after it was introduced.

In December 2016 the Councils adopted Platforms for our Places, with the intention that it would guide its direction of travel until 2019.

At the heart of the document was a recognition that Councils cannot and should not do everything for everyone. Instead, it set about creating and maintaining five essential platforms which would enable communities to build happy, healthy, prosperous and connected places – all while continuing to provide great services and vital safety nets.

18 months on, nearly two-thirds of the original 143 commitments are either complete or on track to be delivered. Only one is classified as red, which means it is at risk of not being delivered.

This success means that senior councillors have refreshed the ambitious programme to ensure the Councils remain adaptive to the communities it serves and quick to grasp new opportunities.

Councillor Neil Parkin, Leader of Adur District Council, said: “I’m delighted to see that we are so far down the road in delivering this ambitious agenda for our residents.”

“As well as delivering excellent and efficient services, we have a wider responsibility to support our communities and help them prosper. Platforms for our Places is helping us achieve this aim while ensuring we continue to provide the safety net to those that need it.”

Councillor Dan Humphreys, Leader of Worthing Borough Council, said: “The last 18 months has been a period of real achievement for our council.”

“We are driving forward movement on a range of major development sites; working with partners in delivering a range of excellent health programmes; and we are continuing to make real progress improving services while reducing expenditure through our ambitious digital agenda.”

“We have to make sure we continue to deliver for our residents and a refresh of the Platforms agenda will help us do that.”

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