A red rag to a recycling fanatic! Paul Willis, Waste Strategy Manager, is back …


A red rag to a recycling fanatic!

Paul Willis, Waste Strategy Manager, is back on the Our Stories, Your Councils blog today….

Regular readers will know that I love a good recycling-based stat. So, how many of you knew that about 5% of the average general waste bin consists of textiles?

When you add that to the waste from all the other districts in West Sussex that adds up to a colossal £1.4m of disposal fees for dealing with a commodity that shouldn’t even be in the general waste bin!

There have never been more options for getting rid of textiles.

Good quality second hand clothing is the lifeblood for many charity shops, realising some good income. Charity sacks for home collection are regularly delivered (perhaps too regularly some might say!) through doors and these are also a good way of donating to your favourite charity.

Be careful that the destination is bona fide though – there are still instances of textiles being donated to unscrupulous companies purporting to support good causes but actually do no such thing.

Another means of disposing of textiles is through what we call bring sites (textile banks). There are a number of these throughout Adur and Worthing.

The Councils officially supports banks that donate money to local causes through the Worthing Community Chest in Worthing, the Chairman of Adur District Council’s Charity and also the Salvation Army in Adur….

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