A day in the life with Lancing's recycling heroes! Sharing all about her …

A day in the life with Lancing's recycling heroes! 📸😁

Sharing all about her latest volunteering experience is our Wellbeing Officer Tammy, who's been learning all about the super work of Recycling in Lancing with their founder Sue Wellfare.

Read all about Tammy's visit below… ⬇️

"As an employee at Adur & Worthing Councils, we all get three days per year to volunteer in our local community and this is something I take up!

So far I have volunteered at Oak Grove College, Wadars Animal Rescue and Camelia Botnar. This past week I did something a bit different, I volunteered with Sue and John who run the Recycling in Lancing project.

I arrived at their house and got taken around to their shed where I was greeted with bags of unwanted rubbish – crisp bags, pens, biscuit wrappings, dog food pouches and even baby food (there were other categories of rubbish too).

Despite Adur & Worthing Councils doing a fantastic job on recycling in the area, there are some things that are not viable for us to recycle. Through an international company with a base in the UK, TerraCycle are able to recycle unusual household items that most people would not think twice about throwing in a bin.

TerraCycle UK currently engages with more than 35 million people in 23 countries to collect non-recyclable waste. TerraCycle then turns the collected waste into a wide variety of products and materials. The funds raised get donated to local charities and youth groups/organisations.

So I set about sorting all the bags of mixed rubbish into separate categories so it could be sent away! It was amazing how much the two of us got through in just a few hours! What's even more amazing is that these two lovely people do this everyday. They pick up the bags of rubbish from different collection points around Lancing and Worthing and then sort it all … and they do it to help!

As of July 2019 the people of Lancing and parts of Worthing have helped to raise over £27,000 for local charities and kept a load out of landfill!

So PLEASE help us to keep simple household waste items out of the bin and raise money for important local charities and organisations!

If you can spare a few hours I am sure they would appreciate the help! I know I will be going back to help!

Have a look at the Recycling in Lancing website to find out what can be recycled!"

Photo: Tammy with Sue at the Recycling in Lancing project