️ “Maybe one day one of our videos will get an Oscar nomination…” This week o…


📽️ “Maybe one day one of our videos will get an Oscar nomination…”

This week on the blog we’re hearing from Kirsty, one of our talented Digital Developers, and how she’s incorporating her passion for film into our current projects…

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Hi, my name is Kristy and I am one of the Digital Developers within the Digital Team. Previously working within Adur Homes and a variety of other roles ranging from Data Analytics, Marketing and system training at Microsoft. A keen interest in all things technology, cats and America.

As the holiday season is now upon us, I find myself thinking of all the holidays that I am NOT going on this year. Although as the current heatwave is seeing the UK hit temperatures that match Los Angeles, I can’t help wish I was there instead.

Looking back to my trip to Los Angeles last summer, thinking of all the beaching, shopping and movie studio visiting. Visiting movie studios like Universal, Paramount and Warner Brothers was by far my favourite part of visiting LA.

There is something special about seeing where and how your favourite movies are brought to life, and getting to sit on Forrest Gump’s bench was also a bonus.

Getting to see the movie prop store and the sound stages where all the magic happens, you get a walk through of how directors stage, design and position lights and cameras to make the perfect scene, and not to forget all the animation and special effects that come next. It really gets me dreaming of being a movie producer.

Although I may not be an Oscar winning movie producer … yet … we do however have the next best thing starting over in Digital. With one of our current large project for Waste services, we found a need for animated training videos for both staff and customers. With the cost of outsourcing this far too high, we took it upon ourselves to find an alternative route of producing these short videos. Animaker was the solution, a simple online tool that allows you to create a video storyboard with animated characters and objects. It has enable us to create simple to understand and quick to learn training videos.

We have been creating scenes that explain the waste services that we provide and some key information that helps people to learn about that service, dealing with key issues that our customers often raise when contacting our call centre. By using animated people to help get our messages across, we are able to use Animaker to have our characters talk, walk and move around the screen, with different backgrounds and images that relate to our councils image, such as our waste bins.

These videos have been a great success within the Waste project, with some positive feedback from both staff and our testing customers. So we have carried on producing videos for each aspect of the Waste service: Clinical Waste, Missed Bins, Green Waste and Bulky Waste.

This has been a fantastic initiative that has built upon our Digital team’s skills and has also been an incredible cost cutting decision. Animaker will now be an ongoing tool that will not only help the wider councils with training and helping to inform customers on our services, but will also help to reduce our Contact Centre phone calls.

Maybe one of our videos will get a Oscar nomination one day…