Perfect seafront performance is just heavenly! This week on the ‘Our Stories, Y…


Perfect seafront performance is just heavenly!

This week on the ‘Our Stories, Your Councils’ blog Amanda O’Reilly talks about the Angels among us…

On Saturday 12th August 2017 something wonderful happened in Worthing, a culmination of weeks of work resulted in an aerial dance piece performed on the side of the Grafton Car Park.

This is the first time Worthing Theatres has commissioned a piece of work and certainly the first time we have managed a project with a risk assessment as thick as the yellow pages! Vertical Dance created HOST inspired by the film Wings of Desire (which also inspired City of Angels in 1998) and performed by third year students from Ciramedia.

The marketing campaign running up to the event was certainly one of our most creative with graffiti wings on half a dozen buildings across town, a series of photos on social media titled Angels Among Us, pavement posters and beautiful gold tipped feathers replacing the usual flyers. This attention to detail paid off with more than a thousand people coming down to the prom to watch the free show.

With outside, non ticketed performances there is so much more to consider – will enough people come, will too many people come, will the sound system be loud enough, will a bus park and block the view and most importantly will it rain! On Saturday the event was problem free and the clouds parted giving us blue sky and sunshine. The performance was just 15 mins long and beautifully choreographed and very well received by the enthusiastic audience.

Thank you Arts Council for funding this project and thank you to the team who really went the extra mile to make this happen.

For me personally the highlight of the day was being on the Prom and chatting to families, joggers, dog walkers, day visitors even a few groups of teenagers … everyone was delighted to have something different happening on the seafront and interestingly everyone I spoke to loved the Grafton Graffiti Art and wanted it to stay.

I am already considering outside events for next year and looking for funding so we can make them free – a huge purple whale … a hot air balloon … victorian ladies on the roof of the Pavilion Theatre. Keep your eyes peeled in the summer of 2018 because we plan to get more creativity and bring more fun to the prom.

Photos: Vertical Dance created HOST, performed by 3rd year students from Ciramedia on the side of the Grafton Car Park (photos © 16 Beasley St Photography)

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