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Jo Clarke – Communities and Third Sector Lead – talks about how we grant people’s wishes…

Money. It makes the world go round. It’s also one of the most commonly sought-after assets for charities. Here at Adur & Worthing Councils, we’re really fortunate that our elected members still strongly support our voluntary and community sector financially. It’s hard, though. Obviously we can’t fund everyone, and everyone we do fund needs more.

I ensure that funds are given to the right organisations to deliver and meet the right needs for our local communities. I work with a wider group of 30-plus people in the Communities and Wellbeing team, and we recently undertook a piece of work to gather information and data to evidence what is needed in the communities of Adur and Worthing. From this, we’ve planned our work schedule for the year, and I’ve used this base to redesign our grants programme in Adur.

We manage the grants in-house and they’ve just been launched for this year to be much more focused on our priorities and gaps. We know there are two wards in Adur as well as some particularly vulnerable cohorts (such as our street communities and people leaving care) which need more support than others.

We’ve also taken time to review the grants criteria. For example, we’re very willing to consider staff costs and overheads, which often don’t get funded but are desperately needed.

Still on the subject of grants, have you ever noticed the textile recycling banks dotted around locally? Back in the day, someone had a great idea to give the proceeds to charities. So, along with a small grant, around £25,000 goes to good causes in Worthing through a fab charity called Worthing Community Chest. I’m sure there’s a joke about old socks that I’m missing. Answers on a postcard please.

Next week, I’ll continue the money stuff and tell you more about the commissioning.

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