NEW BLOG: The pursuit of blue flag status, with Graham Cherrett Being on the fo…


NEW BLOG: The pursuit of blue flag status, with Graham Cherrett

Being on the foreshore and dealing with the coast on a daily basis can be a perilous business. We saw that fact become reality in the last week or so with the sad news about the fishermen operating out of Shoreham.

Three people died when a small boat was reportedly hit by another larger vessel.

My patrol staff are still checking the foreshore and will be doing so for a few more days for any indication of the tragedy coming ashore, and our condolences go to their relatives.

Back on shore, attention has been fixed on the fair, which was being packed away yesterday (14th August). It will leave to make way for our next seafront event – the Rotary Club Carnival and Continental Summer village on the prom from the 15th of August until the 28th of the month. I hope the weather holds out for these events.

Sunday also saw a boat jumble for charity on the promenade. This is always well attended and makes a good contribution to the charity in question. It’s good to be able to support events like this which give something back to where we live.

Those of you who have managed to make it to the beach may have noticed our new dog flags on the beach. They have been received with mixed views, to such an extent that one went missing within two hours of it being placed out in the morning. But miracles do happen as it turned up the next morning a bit battered but still useable – so, in response to this, I have ordered two more!

We will also be making early morning and late evening patrols to dissuade dog walkers from using the area designated a dog free zone. Again we have been received with mixed reviews but the reasoning behind these patrols is to bring our beach’s up to blue flag status. It is hoped this will bring more visitors to the town from which we will all benefit.

For those moaning about not being able to walk their dogs in certain areas, it’s worth remembering that we have approximately seven miles of coastline in our borough and only approximately 0.75 of a mile is designated no dogs.

So remember, the ban is in force on the area between the two launch ramps at Goring and from Heene Road to the old Splash Point. This is in force from the 1st of May to the 30th of September inclusive.

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