Meet your Adur and Worthing Council Services (AWCS) Refuse team! I’m Adie Smith…


Meet your Adur and Worthing Council Services (AWCS) Refuse team!

I’m Adie Smith and I’m a Waste Operative, collecting waste from around the Borough. I’ve been doing this job for 15 years and before this I was a relief manager for an Alldays convenience shop.

What does a typical day involve for you?
A typical day involves walking the streets emptying refuse and garden waste bins while having a laugh and good banter.

What’s the best part of your job? I really enjoy the team spirit when out on the job.

And the worst?
My least favourite aspect of the job is dealing with complaints from the public because although we do our best to make our clients happy, this isn’t always possible as we have certain rules we have to abide by that the public aren’t always aware of.

What’s the most surprising thing you’ve seen in the waste?
I remember we once found a live chicken which we subsequently rescued.

Tell us something we may not know about Adur and Worthing’s refuse service?
What people may not know about our service is that we have a duty of care in the community. We will get bins for those who cannot manage to do this themselves and we will always help members of the public should we see anyone who needs it. I remember once that we helped some builders lift a heavy steel onto their customer’s roof because there were only two of them.

What advice would you give to help reduce the amount of waste we all produce?
Everyone should have a 240L recycling bin because most people put their overflow into general waste. This should help recycling and hopefully reduce unnecessary waste.

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